Drinking water

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  • Contaminated Drinking Water

    the Earth’s surface and comprising two-thirds of the human body, water is essential to the sustenance of life (CDC, 2016a). However, only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater (WHO, 2015). Due to the limited availability of freshwater, 663 million people in the world lack access to safe drinking water (WHO, 2015). Contaminated drinking water can contain pathogenic bacteria from human and animal waste, harmful metals, and dangerous chemicals from the improper disposal of industrial wastes. Water-related diseases affect more than 1.5 billion people each year and result in a global loss of $260 billion each year due to the lack of safe water and sanitation (WHO, 2015). The majority of the Earth’s freshwater exists in frozen…

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  • Drinking Water Filters

    Say there’s a water tower in the middle of a dying city. Everyone is hurrying to get their supply of water, but don’t know that the water is dirty, making the entire city open to sickness traveling on the water. In 500 BC, a man named Hippocrates found out that clean water would be better. He practiced removing dirt and other dirty things in the water and eventually created the first bag water filter. Since then, water filters have been improving and are much for more efficient than it was…

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  • Phosphate In Drinking Water Essay

    Phosphate can be harmful when excessive amount is present in the drinking water system. The U.S. Public Health Service has set the maximum value of phosphate in drinking water at 3.0 mg/L. In this experiment, several samples were diluted and its concentration were analyzed through a spectrophotometer. The results obtained (0.1 mg/L and 2.28mg/L) are within the U.S. Public Health Service’s standards and are deemed to be safe. Introduction It is important that drinking water is monitored regularly…

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  • Drinking Bottled Water

    Bottled water is one of products popularly consumed for the previous few decades. Because of the marketing of bottled water, people prefer to drink bottled water rather than tap water. Research has shown the fact that bottled water may not be as safe as the water provided by local utilities. So, why do people choose to drink bottled water and is bottled water as pure as advertised? There are also concerns about the effects of bottled-water on human health and the natural environment, due to the…

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  • Benefit Of Drinking Water

    Water is very important to our bodies. Besides oxygen, we need water to survive. This is the reason you should ensure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. There are several processes in our bodies that rely on water so that they can take place. Some of those processes include: digestion, circulation, absorption and so on. This is the reason you should not compromise when it comes to drinking water. There are many benefits of drinking water. The following are some of the reasons you should…

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  • Chlorine: Safe Drinking Water

    Response: Issues Investigation INTRODUCTION Chlorine is considered to be the single largest contributor to safe drinking water in the history of public health. In 1902 the first chlorine disinfection system was installed in Belgium. By the 1920’s nearly the whole world started using the process. Due to this disinfection process many disease-causing microorganisms were abolished. According to Life Magazine (1997) “The filtration of drinking water plus the use of chlorine is probably the…

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  • Arsenic In Drinking Water

    Analysis: Public Health Implications Arsenic in drinking water is a world wide environmental public health threat. Anyone who drinks water contaminated with high amounts of arsenic can be effected by it, but developing countries are the ones who seem to suffer the most from arsenic poisoning. The united states and the World Health Organization (WHO) applied a strict standard for arsenic in drinking water to be at or below 0.01 mg/1 or 10 parts per billion, but unfortunately not all countries…

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  • Drinking Water Cases

    Although this video is slightly outdated, it still represents relevant information regarding our health and right to drinking water. I found the video's initial claim that by 2030 two-thirds of America's population would not have sufficient access to water quite startling because I think most people take drinking water for granted. Additionally, I do not think cases like these presented in this video are shown on television or the news as often as they should be. I believe the reason for this is…

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  • The Benefits Of Drinking Water

    1. Drinking water Everyone knows that water is an essential component of the body. There are many people who don't like to drink water. Some people that drinking a lot of water to make us into the bathroom more often. Do you know? If you don't drink water, you will miss out on the benefits of drinking water. If you drink little water will cause dehydration. When dehydration it can cause many diseases. It makes to body weakness, fatigue, dry skin and make you lose it. You should drink water in…

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  • Drinking Water Speech

    how important water is on our lives and on our health. A person stranded on an island can survive several days without food, but that person will surely die after a few days without water. Water is an important part of our existence because it helps keep us hydrated. Though we sometimes overlook the amount of water we drink, it is important for us to know how essential it is for us to maintain our optimum well-being. The question, "How much water should I drink in a day?" is relatively…

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