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  • Vehicle Burglary Case Study Examples

    INTRODUCTION: This case involves unknown suspects gaining entry to the victim’s driver side front door and stealing unknown items from inside, in violation of PC 459- Vehicle Burglary. LOCATION: The location is a single family residence, located at 1980 N. Arroyo Boulevard. EVIDENCE: • I.D. Tech Padilla #6870 took photos which were later uploaded into VeriPic. LOSS: • Unknown loss. INVESTIGATION: On 03-07-16 at 0857 hours, Officer Saunders #7720 and I responded to 1980 N. Arroyo Boulevard for a vehicle burglary investigation. Upon our arrival we met with Victim Tyron Hampton, who told us the following information in summary: It should be noted that Hampton is currently renovating the above residence. On 03-07-16 at approximately 1600 hours,…

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  • Personal Writing On Death: The Importance Of Death

    My brother and his friend were traveling from Little Rock to Texarkana. He wanted to be there for my older sister’s birthday. He and his friend left late at night so that they could get to Texarkana before morning. My brother, Lance, was riding passenger while his friend was driving. Out of negligence, they had been drinking. They were not thinking about what could happen. Why they decided to drink and drive, I have no idea. When they started getting close to Texarkana, the driver started…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Passion For Law

    see someone in hopeless circumstances. However, having the ability to do something is entirely different than having a passion for it. Although ill-fated, I am fortunate that the events following the accident lead me to discovering my passion. My friend is in the process of getting his life together. He opted to forgo college, as he felt that it wasn’t necessary for his career path. As a result, he often has more challenges that he has to overcome than most. This past summer, he became an…

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  • Uber Technologies Inc.: A Case Study

    the Uber app. The Uber app allows consumers with smartphones to submit a ride request. The request is automatically sent to the closest Uber driver in the area with an alert of the location of the consumer. Uber provides a condensed “How Uber Works” guide for consumers on the website. First, a consumer requests a ride option with selections to see wait times, the size of the ride party, and price. Uber offers consumer ride options such as Uber Economy (UberX, uberXL, and UberSelect), Premium…

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  • How Does Steinbeck Describe A Woman's Relationship With Men

    everything they can in order to avoid hurting or killing it. However, there are some who are thirsty for violence, have no interest in the lives of animals, and react similarly to the man in the truck. Including,confronting the animal, or thing instead of trying to avoid it. Before, the turtle encountered both the woman and the man on the road it was initially,on a piece of grass along the roadside. At first, the author was describing the scenery of the situation, as well as the location of the…

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  • Constable Brain Brusse Analysis

    always out and about- kept busy by drivers. I cannot say much action happens at the front desk beyond paper work and conversation. Constable Brian Brusse tried his best to make the public service/front desk as entertaining as he could. He explained some of the things he does as a School Resource Officer and told me some stories about the kids he works with. As a School Resource Officer you look into troubled youth, try to guide them, and host some classes about general health, like the…

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  • Meditation: The Driver Of The Minivan

    Stephanie Morisset Professor Cinda Kane ENC 1101 (Noon) 11 September 2015 Meditation Essay Screech! The driver of the minivan suddenly attempts to stop in order to avoid a collision with the driver of an Audi, who carelessly ignored the rules of a red light. In those seconds everything seemed to have slowed down, prolonged to make every moment count for the minivan driver. Time had slowed down nearly to a stop so he was able to remember all the memories he made to land in this exact moment of…

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  • The Gremlin: A Short Story

    their eyes upon. “It… w...was… hi...him,” Malcolm managed to croak out of his blistering lips. Mr. Shuttleworth looked at him with his cold dark eyes. “Get out of here!” he shouted at Randall. “You will be put under arrest no matter what your lies tell us!” Randall went out of the room in tears. After the trial and funeral for Malcolm Simons, Randall was put under probation for the next year and was put back into the classes that was meant for someone in his grade. The…

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  • Substance Abuse Persuasive Speech

    trying to understand what just happened. The more you look around, the more you realize that you’re no longer in this magical place. Instead, you realize that you have just crashed your vehicle and the person talking to you is the paramedics. “I can smell liquor” one of them says, and you try to defend yourself, but the liquor won’t let you speak. You try to…

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  • GPS Technology: The Importance Of GPS Tracking Systems

    between success and failure for businesses operating vehicle fleets. Fleet owners cannot underestimate the importance of GPS vehicle tracking systems because when it comes to saving on costs no business…

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