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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Erie Insurance And Dom Tiberi

    put Mommy’s girl on my grave” (2:11-2:15) is to make the students consider how their decision to drink and drive will also affect someone else, possibly a classmate, and the pain that their families will go through. Showing that the suspected drunk driver survives the accident without major injury and ends up being arrested also sends the message that his life has now changed forever as well. It is left up to assumption what charges he will face, but knowing that he has taking lives with his…

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  • Negative Effects Of Drunk Driving

    drive because they are being careless of themselves and their surroundings and they have no regard for anyone else’s safety. While people may think being hit by a drunk driver could only have a negative effect on them, there may sometimes be positive effects on those who have experienced them. After getting hit by a drunk driver at the age of ten with my grandmother driving, I have realized over-time that I have learned a lot from my experience. Although we were only rear ended, it was a very…

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  • Laws Against Driving

    Laws against driving under the influence are created to save lives; however, even harsher laws may decrease the number of accidents. Everyday, people attempt to drink and drive while the lives in the car next to them are at risk and they would have no idea. Not having harsh enough laws established for drinking and driving can end up causing more harm because people who don’t get caught will do it again, it can cause damage to those involved, and it takes away from first responders of their…

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  • Summary: Rollover Of Ford Explorers

    complaints included fatalities. Public complaints of 52 deaths in Ford Explorers were release by government officials by Aug. 16, 2000. The total reported deaths was the result of the rollover of Ford Explorers after the Firestone tires on the vehicle failed. Another five deaths were reported, but did not mention a rollover as the cause of death. Federal data shows from 1990 to 1997 that 91 percent of the deaths related to the separation of tire tread involved the rollover of Ford Explores.…

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  • Pros Of Speeding

    five miles per hour is the minimum speed limit. The speed limit for most business and residential area is twenty five miles per hour and on secondary roads the speed limit for trucks is forty five and for other vehicles it is fifty five. Speeding could be the death of you so never speed. Next, The punishment for not paying your fine is twenty four hours in jail all the way to ninety days and that is for repeat speeding…

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  • Navigating The Roadways In Montana Essay

    roadways in Montana can be challenging. Drivers must share the streets with cyclists, pedestrians and wildlife. Collisions with wildlife are common in the fall, but a collision can happen any time of year. Staying Safe on the Roadways Wild animals can leave the woods and stray onto interstates and highways. When animals are frightened by roaring engines and bright headlights, their behavior can become erratic and unpredictable. According to a recent vehicle accident report, collisions with…

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  • Drunk Driving Persuasive Essay

    In 2010, nearly 10,000 people were killed due to drunk driving accidents, which accounts for close to thirty-one percent of motor vehicle fatalities in that year. When was the last time you heard anything about one’s alcohol consumption killing someone? Not frequently enough, in fact, there are an average of 115 people killed daily due to someone's choice to drink irresponsibly, but society fails to emphasize the impact drunk driving has on America. Alcohol is something seriously abused within…

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  • How Drunk Driving Affects People's Lives

    lives. Drunk driving increases the chances that the driver will be involved in an accident, which in turn puts other drivers and any passengers riding with them at risk of becoming injured. Drunk drivers’ judgement is impaired, and their ability to react to their surroundings greatly suffers as a result. All people are affected by drunk driving, because driving drunk is not only harmful to the drunk driver but also to other drivers and vehicles near them, and if there is an accident, it affects…

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  • Drunk Driving: Negative Consequences Of Drinking And Driving

    killed in drunk driving crashes. Every 90 seconds a person is injured in a drunk driving crash. In 2012, 239 child passengers under the age of 15 were killed in drunk driving crashes, a total of 1,168 children age 14 and younger were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration/FARS. Alcohol has damaging effects on the brain. Difficult walking, blurred vision, slowed reaction times are all effects short term effects of alcohol on the brain.…

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  • Tesla's Strategic Decisions

    SCOTT (4324333) What are the key Elements of Tesla Motor's Strategic Decisions? The key element of Tesla Motor’s strategic decision is that they are the driving force behind technology and product development and a prime innovator for electrical vehicles. For decades, Tesla have been investing a large share of their earnings towards research and development in order to develop car models and technologies that were more affordable for their customers and to gain a competitive edge over their…

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