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  • The Importance Of Drought In California

    always there when we need it. However, in California, water is diminishing. Residents are finding out that they cannot take a shower, brush their teeth, or even drink water. “You don’t think of water as a privilege until you don’t have it anymore,” says Yolanda Serrato. Lakes and rivers are disappearing and thousands crops are dying because there is not sufficient water circulation. Since water plays such an important role in our lives, we should do whatever is possible to conserve it. To reduce the problem, people need to become aware of the drought, learn where it comes from and how it is being used, learn the impacts it causes to the environment, and discover ways how to help all while balancing interests of stakeholders. California is facing a state emergency because of the drought. This spring, California had experienced its driest period since 1895. More than eighty percent of the state is currently in an extreme or exceptional drought. “San…

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  • Drought In Kenya Essay

    DROUGHT ADAPTATIONS IN KENYA INTRODUCTION The Lancet commission on Health and Climate change June 2015 list four direct effect of climate change; ’Increase heat stress, floods, drought and increased frequency of intense storms”( The Lancet, 2015). Who. int (2015) describes drought as a period in the climate cycle caused by lack of rainfall that result in lack of water that then leads to food shortages. The populations mostly affected by this climate induced disaster are; people of low social…

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  • The Dangers Of A Drought In The Dust Bowl

    The dangers of a drought How to manage through a drought There are multiple different types of climate variation that affect the earth, but one that affects all the living is drought. The definition of drought is a long period of dry weather. Most of us are unprepared for a period of drought. Although we all are aware that drought is an uncontrollable disaster, how can man manage the divesting outcome that a drought has caused? There are many different things that drought can destroy. Plants…

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  • The Importance Of Drought In Coachella Valley

    According to a study by the American Geophysical Union (AGU), a combination of record high temperatures and sparse rainfall during California’s current drought have produced the worst drought conditions in 1,200 years. A key component to this drought, is the substantial water consumption in the Coachella Valley, a valley located in Southern California. Residents all throughout California, and even outside of the state, are putting partial blame onto the valley for facilitating in this severe…

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  • California Drought Essay

    A drought is defined as a “period of drier-than-normal conditions that results in water-related problems” (USGS). Water years are counted from October 1 to September 30, meaning we just recently entered a new water year. One of the most well-known and troublesome droughts in the United States is the California Drought. It began in 2011 and is now entering its sixth year of drought in 2016. It is described as the worst drought in 1,200 years California has seen (House Committee). The period of…

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  • Drought And Agricultural Desertification

    Drought is the condition of insufficient moisture brought about by a deficit in precipitation over a period of time (Doesken, N.J., Kleist, J., & McKee, T.B., 1993). Drought only means that the average amount of moisture or rainfall that would satisfy agricultural, livestock, domestic use, among others is not fully met (Kassas, 1995). Desertification is defined by the United Nations Environment Programme or UNEP as land degradation in dry sub humid, arid, and semi-arid areas caused by various…

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  • Research Paper On California Drought

    Man-made Water Crisis Droughts have played a huge role throughout California’s history. Just as recently as two years ago, California’s record-breaking drought was declared the worst in the state’s history. However, this year, Governor Jerry Brown declared the drought emergency at an end. Many residents have referred to California’s issue as a “man made drought.” In other words, the water crisis is not from the lack of fresh water in California, but the lack of purposeful direction and use…

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  • Early Jamestown

    Primarily due to the location of the colony as well as the unfavorable coincidence of the long spanning drought occurring throughout the early stages of development, Jamestown colonists suffered a major problem concerning a lack of water and a famine resulting from the drought. One major problem with water was the possibility of having severe brackish water as the major supply of such a necessary liquid. High and low tides introduce a supply of salt from the Atlantic which can severely interfere…

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  • Savali Pipeline Case Study

    Atania and Rahad have always shared arid lands susceptible to prolonged droughts, their people depending on the Greater Inata Aquifer (“Aquifer”) for survival. Despite this, in 2006, Rahad launched the Savali Pipeline (“SP”) project that is neither (A) equitable and reasonable, nor (B) sustainable. Moreover, (C) it caused significant harm to Atania. A. RAHAD’S WATER EXTRACTION IS INEQUITABLE AND UNREASONABLE Rahad’s project breaches Rahad’s customary obligation to utilize the Aquifer…

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  • Persuasive Speech: Save Water For California

    California has been experienced water scarcity for long time due to the severe drought, and the state needs everyone to make contribution. Claim: California is facing a water crisis. If everyone saves water daily, we could ease the crisis to a large extent. Significance:According to “California cities show biggest water savings yet in drought” published by US News Online from Ebsco Host, “The government of…

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