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  • False Positive Drug Test

    FALSE POSITIVE DRUG TEST Finite Math Professor Joy Beverly Tommy Warren 10/02/17 FALSE POSITIVE DRUG TEST Yikes, I tested positive for an illicit and illegal drug and I don’t use drugs. Can this really happen? Yes, it can happen and it has to too many innocent people. You should have received a negative result when tested for drugs, but you didn’t instead you received a positive result. This is referred to as a ‘false positive’. Understanding ‘false positive” is a very important issue and valid concern because many people are denied employment, fired from their job, unjustly arrested, falsely prosecuted and even imprisoned based mostly if not entirely on the inaccurate positive test. First, let’s…

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  • Hair Drug Test Research Paper

    How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test Used by employers, corporations, law enforcers, and even parents, hair drug testing is one of the growing methods for drug testing. With it, someone can be tested for drug use as far as 90 to 120 days ago. And unlike urinalysis, there’s no way to adulterate or dilute the hair samples to mislead the results. Now, you might be worried and asking: “How do I pass a hair drug test test!?” First off, know that this isn’t a fool-proof method, but many have had…

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  • Should Drug Tests Be Required Of Welfare Recipients?

    Mandatory Drug Testing How many times have you witnessed or heard stories about a Welfare recipients selling their food stamps for cash? If you have not, I am sure you have heard stories. We automatically assume it is to buy drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or, even a lottery ticket. What about the Facebook post showing welfare recipients buying an iPhone, iPad or gaming system? The sharing and comments that are attached to those posts showing the anger society has against these behaviors. The…

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  • Drug Testing Vs Multi-Panel Test

    Multi-Panel Vs. Single-Panel drug Test kits for Employee Drug Testing Employers are responsible for their staff's safety at the office. One way of making office safe is to ensure it is free from drug destroying workers. Effective office drug testing outcomes in better conformity with law, fewer workers comp claims and less legal complications to business. It also develops better employee-employer trust and relationship. Employers can use different methods to evaluate workers for substance…

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  • Schools Should Be Allowed To Drug Test Children In High School

    Kids health as well as their futures are greatly affected by drugs, actions should be taken now to deter them away from using or taking drugs. Schools should be allowed to drug test children in middle school and high school because it could help prevent the use of drugs, stop the issues corresponding with using drugs, and could lead to better lives. People tend to overlook the fact that young people can and will do drugs.…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Should Animals Be Tested?

    All over the world animals are being tested on products such as Febreze without even knowing it. Animal testings are used for many studies. The human organ system, and the body structure is similar to that of animals. Researchers study animals to understand how the human body processes different drugs and chemicals such as that of the animal. Animals help with the study of several illnesses such as cancer, and heart diseases. Many companies test on animals, some of these companies include…

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  • Student Drug Testing Persuasive Essay

    occurrence of drug testing has became popular in school environments. Drug testing has brought up many controversies in recent years. It has produced a negative outcome against the citizens across the United States; for instance, it has been proven to be ineffective to decline drug problems in school environments, it is discriminating against students appearances, an invasion of privacy, and expensive cost-to-productions prices. From students involved in extracurricular activities to students…

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  • Drug Testing In Schools

    Why Schools Shouldn’t Have Random Drug Tests “Parents are key when it comes to keeping kids off drugs. Good parenting is the best anti-drug we have” is a quote stated by Mel Carnahan. It is not the responsibility of a school to drug test a student but rather it is the decision of a student and their guardian. If a high school were to take the responsibility to drug test every single one of their students and staff, it would result in a calamity. Schools should not have random drug test due…

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  • Why Do Steroids Use Performance Enhancing Drugs

    Steroids and Performing-Enhancing Drugs Performance-enhancing drugs are used in sports to give the player an advantage over the other players. There have been many professional athletes that have been caught using performance-enhancing drugs. Many players are caught when a drug test is administered. Professional sports leagues have introduced a random drug test so athletes that do drugs cannot prepare for the test. Performance-enhancing drugs are banned in sports and if a player is caught using…

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  • Drug Testing In High School Athletes Essay

    High School athletes having drug tests Having drug tests can change the lives of millions of high school athletes by making sure they don 't have an advantage in the game and mainly getting hurt. High school athletes having drug tests would help change schools by how the drug use for athletes will decrease and grades get higher. This would make sure athletes not have an unfair advantage in the game which can cause a risk of injury. Also can cause some major health problems. High school…

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