Legality of cannabis by country

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  • Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

    for centuries. Early American leaders enacted the first law regarding marijuana, which is also referred to as cannabis or weed, in the year 1613. The law stated that farmers were required to grow hemp, the stalk of the marijuana plant, in order to prepare fibers that were considered “essential for making sails, ropes, food, and fuel in the developing nation” (Rich, Stingl l1). There was not a negative connotation assigned to marijuana until citizens began to associate the plant with the mischievous Mexican immigrants, who ‘were accused of being addicted to marijuana” (Rich, Stingl 12). Law abiding citizens of America…

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  • The Decriminalization Of Marijuana

    just for those judged as such. For example, the clean cut business person who lives next door may be a closet user. The public can’t come out of the closet and use the drug freely due to the prohibition on cannabis. Marijuana has been made illegal without regard to its medical capabilities and uses. Prohibition on marijuana needs repeal and America’s attitude needs a modern progressive adjustment for the legalization of cannabis. The vote for America’s…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    is said that they have come up with little to nothing regarding exactly what marijuana can actually help. Another negative view on marijuana is caused by the war on drugs going on in the US and in Mexico. Greg Campbell, a man who harvested his own crop of marijuana as an experiment says that marijuana is one of the “safest intoxicant[s] known to man,” yet it has started a dangerous uproar in America as well as Mexico. In Mexico, a war is being waged over drugs, and murder is raiding the…

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  • Legalizing Marijuana Case Study

    Since the discovery of the cannabis indica plant (marijuana), marijuana has been a topic of contrasting discussions. For decades, stakeholders of various organizations have been at conflict about legalizing marijuana. One stakeholder, Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (CALM), a local Political Action Committee (PAC), is destroying every act of legalizing marijuana with the use of their highly dedicated group of individuals. According to the mission of CALM, they “take the position that…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Legalizing Marijuana

    Many of you have or will come into contact with alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis at some point in your lifetime. These three substances are among the most frequently used recreational substances in the world. Alcohol is ranked first on the scale of popularity, tobacco is second, and cannabis is third. The main difference between the the top two and cannabis, however, happens to be legality. There are age restrictions on alcohol and tobacco, but once you reach the legal age, you have the freedom to…

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  • Decriminalizing Marijuana By Charles Stimson Analysis

    Stimson’s essay opposes the legalization of marijuana by providing a variety of evidence to prove that the claims made by the supporters of marijuana legalization are not accurate. On the other hand, Navarro’s essay backs up her argument on legalizing marijuana by comparing U.S. with the other countries where the use of marijuana is not considered a felony. Both essays provide support for their point of view by including many types of evidence such as quotes, statistics, and facts but Stimson is…

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  • Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

    Marijuana in the United States Marijuana, Mary Jane, reefer, pot, weed, cannabis whatever term you use marijuana is a hot topic in the United States. We have seen numerous movements to implement marijuana reform policy in the U.S. “With 25 states and Washington D.C. having laws legalizing marijuana in some form” (State Marijuana Laws in 2016 Map). Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, and Washington D.C. have laws allowing recreational use of cannabis. Most Recently Pennsylvania passed…

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  • Legal Essay: The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

    support the legalization of marijuana for several reasons. Marijuana is not harmful; it does not cause cancer and does not lead to death (Marijuana Use and Health Effects). Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states including, the District of Columbia. Non-medical marijuana and medical marijuana are also legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington State. From the article “The Benefits of Medical Cannabis “Dr. Frankel who has done surveys and studies came to recognize that 85-95% of people…

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  • Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

    may be to obtain marijuana legally for these studies. In it he wrote: “Scientists can access most illegal drugs, such as… ecstasy and… LSD from various accredited laboratories. But the only legal source for marijuana for medical research in the US is the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Even after researchers have Food and Drug Administration approval for their studies and clear their work with the DEA, NIDA can refuse to supply them with the product.”(Arran Frood, 2007) This means that…

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  • Legalization Of Marijuan Breaking Down The Buzz

    Their justification is that, because marijuana is natural, made from the leaves or resin of the female cannabis plant (Tebbett), it must be safe, even beneficial, for a person to smoke. Another argument is that marijuana is not nearly as harmful as other drugs. Cocaine, opiates, hallucinogens such as LSD, and even the nicotine in cigarettes are much more addictive than marijuana (Tebbett). As psychologist Mitch Earleywine so eloquently stated, “If you tell an opiate addict you’re ‘addicted’ to…

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