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  • Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

    Legalization of Marijuana Great strides have been made in marijuana research since the 1970’s movie Up in Smoke was made; however, the lazy, stoner stigma played by hippies Cheech and Chong still exists in society today. Marijuana doesn’t just come with a buzz though; it comes with many other uses and benefits. It should be legalized not only for its health benefits, but for the money it would generate to our economy and for its benefits that cut down on crime rates related to policing it from…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

    Should Marijuana be Legalized In today’s politically charged environment, the legalization of marijuana remains a hotly debated subject. With forces on both sides of the issue arguing vehemently for their position, it is difficult to come to a reasonable solution. Considering the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado, those in favor of the proposition point to the rise in sales and resulting 6 million-dollar increase in tax revenue as positive outcomes for the community (Haun, 2015).…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Lieny Garcia Prof. Allan ENC 1102 – TH 5:40PM October 15, 2017 Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world with more than 246 million people who use it each year, according to the United Nations (UN) (Steffens). Legalization of marijuana has been one of the most debated topics in social media in the recent decades. It seems like a discord within the states; some have already approved marijuana use for recreational…

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  • Negative Essay: The Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

    Marijuana is a plant that people use to smoke or ingest, to achieve a “high” effect, and is classified as a psychoactive drug. There is a wide variety of terms for this drug: weed, cannabis, hemp, etc. The chemical that is found is marijuana is THC. For decades, marijuana has been considered a drug, but marijuana has served to be beneficial to people and the governing state. The movement of marijuana has been going on since the 90’s. There are medical reasonings behind legalizing marijuana and…

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  • Sage Plant Benefits

    Sage is a very versatile plant with many different functions and uses that come with the plant, Sage also has the scientific name of salvia officinalis. Sage has been around and been used for thousands of years going back to the native Americans burning the leaves of the Sage plant for ancient spiritual cleanses and for the fresh smelling aurora it gave out. The Sage plant has many different ways of it being used such as uses the leaves to make a herbal tea, burning the leaves and even being…

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  • Weed Argumentative Essay

    responsibility you are faced with and are expected to properly deal with. With that being said, stress levels are at the highest between adolescense through adulthood and marijuana is the way most people relieve stress. You mentioned, “We are living in a country where young people everywhere are actively seeking out new and creative ways to self-medicate”, but what is the issue with that? Creativity and new ideas have always been a postive way of living until marijuana is involved. You mentioned…

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  • Medical Marijuana Utilitarianism

    It is true that marijuana is not legalized in some states and countries. It is also true that it is being traded secretly and people are buying it through the black market. This idea is not appreciable in the sense that misuse and abuse are rampant. There are no bodies involved in the regulation of the drug. As a result…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

    The topic of marijuana legalization has been fought over for many years. There are many opposing viewpoints, so many that even major news outlets vary in their views. The Washington Times writes a very contradicting article in hopes of swaying people to stay away from marijuana. Starting in paragraph one, they assert their opinion by stating “celebrating the medical benefits, if any...” They also purposefully accuse pot heads of “blowing smoke” at them but is such a controversial topic to be…

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  • Essay On Loyalty And Morality

    Loyalty versus Morality Loyalty often ties us stronger than morality. We find ourselves supportive of someone or something even when they are doing something we would otherwise not support. This paper examines what is morality, loyalty, and how the two intertwine to cause conflict within the individual. Loyalty According to Hoffman, loyalty is an “allegiance to a concept outside of the self” (2006). Loyalty is when we stand up for a person, an organization, or a cause even if they support…

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  • Essay On Legalizing Marijuana In Canada

    of the drug. Despite the risks, Canadians continue to ingest cannabis at a rate that tops the global charts. It seems the only thing that can greatly reduce the illegal use, production, and distribution is to legalize it. With the 2015 federal election in clear view, it is hard to ignore that a substantial number of Canadians favor the notion. But why else are Canadians pushing for the legalization of cannabis? Other progressive countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Uruguay, and the U.S…

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