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  • The Argument Against Legalization Of Marijuana

    The argument against prohibition of marijuana Marijuana legalization is not a new development. Advocacy groups such as NORML (the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws) have existed since 1970, their goal being to influence reform of regressive anti-drug laws. Only in the past ten to twenty years has legalization for both medical, and non-medical recreational use made headway in the United States. Some notable victories being Colorado and Washington State, where weed is now legal. Despite growing numbers of supporters in favor of legalization there remain some who oppose legalization. A recent example would be the article written by Psychotherapist Dr. Howard Samuels, for the website Huffington post. In the article Samuels…

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  • Legalization Of Marijuana (Rough Draft)

    Legalization of Marijuana (Rough Draft) For the past decade one of the biggest debates that has seemed to get everyone taking sides it the idea of the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is not something new to the American government, it has been an ongoing battle to control the seemingly harmless plant that the government deemed illegal with no justification other than we still do not know enough about the plant. It is only due to recent theories of marijuana ability to be used as a useful…

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  • Legalization Of Physician-Assisted Suicide

    Jerome E. Bickenbach, leader of the Disability Policy Unit and Professor in the Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy at the University of Lucerne in Switzerland, is against the legalization of PAS. Bickenbach has a hypothesis that disabled patients may be pushed to undergo PAS “because others have chosen for them a lesser quality of life” (Janet, Cohn & Lynn, par. 25). Bickenbach calls this phenomenon the inequality of autonomy, which is “the prevailing prejudicial social attitude…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marijuana Legalization

    extraordinarily expensive, costing users much more”. The final disadvantage of legalization is the resulting violation of existing international drug treaties which could ruin relations with the UN as Canada would be “undermining International law and compromising its global position” (Hoffmann and Habibi, 2016). To summarize, the main disadvantage of legalization is increased use and accessibility as prohibition raises costs and limits…

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  • The Negative Effects Of The Legalization Of Marijuana And The Society

    Over the last few decades, marijuana has been a controversial issue debated between many states, countries, and people. The prohibition of marijuana has lead to many negative effects such as higher crime rates and the imprisonment of more people. Although many people think marijuana is bad for the society, there are good effects that comes from this prohibited drug. Studies have been made to determine the impact of marijuana to the society. The legalization of marijuana can lead to a lower…

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  • Argument: The Negatives Of The Legalization Of Marijuana

    because he believes it unites one with himself and with others. It looks like Marley 's dream became a reality as proposition 64 has passed, which means that Marijuana is legal now. To consume it, one has to be at least twenty one, and the limit is an ounce. Since the proposition passes, that means the majority of people agreed with it. Obviously there will be negatives to this proposition being passed since this was pretty much tested in Colorado and Washington, and it was a huge failure since…

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  • Legalization Of Marijuana In The United States

    There are so many dangers threatening American society today. There is violence in schools, work, and in the home. The economy is ever changing. However, marijuana is not posing a problem in America today. Legalization of marijuana should be allowed in the United States because it is not a harmful substance, it can provide medicinal benefits for ailing patients, and can provide funding for government programs . Marijuana is not a harmful substance. Many people have come to believe it is.…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Assisted Suicide

    Dignity Act through the House it was rejected by the Senate and that was the end of that. “Not only has it failed each time but, in 2005, it did not even survive its first hearing before the House Health committee” (Marker 62). Even with the little success the groups did have in Hawaii in the past, they were not able to get it to pass a second time around. This shows just how selective a euthanasia act can be, when considering where it is trying to be passed and the type of people there.…

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  • Annotated Bliography Annotated Bibliography: Legalization Of Marijuana

    Annotated Bibliography: Legalization of Marijuana There is a lot of debate and misinformation about the legalization of marijuana or keeping it illegal. Both sides have beneficial information and strong beliefs. Marijuana is the most widely used substance in the United States. The Drug Enforcement Administration believes that 11.5 million people use marijuana. If legalizing it, it can be taxed and the united states can make a profit off of it. One of the concerns with legalizing it would be…

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  • Social Issue: Outline On Decriminalization And Legalization Of Marijuana

    Despite research showing that criminal penalties do not decrease the use of marijuana, millions of marijuana related arrests have been made (citation). When legalized, the government can more easily control marijuana, including eliminating dangerous additives and risky situations that play a role in consumer acquisition. Marijuana is safer than many legal drugs (citation). Finally, considering the potential economic impact of legalization, stopping the prohibition of marijuana would bring in…

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