Legalization Of Marijuana In The United States

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There are so many dangers threatening American society today. There is violence in schools, work, and in the home. The economy is ever changing. However, marijuana is not posing a problem in America today. Legalization of marijuana should be allowed in the United States because it is not a harmful substance, it can provide medicinal benefits for ailing patients, and can provide funding for government programs .
Marijuana is not a harmful substance. Many people have come to believe it is. It has become a point of exaggeration. It is common knowledge that there are more deaths per year due to driving while under the influence of alcohol as opposed to under the influence of marijuana. When studying adverse side effects of marijuana use,
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When discussing people who deal marijuana, it was stated, “The legalization of marijuana can easily serve to reduce unemployment and to furnish a new income tax base. To accomplish this, dealers licensed to retail marijuana to the public should be those persons not now engaged in another ongoing business. We would like to see these licenses given to persons who presently are black-market street retailers. Their livelihoods should not be disrupted—simply licensed and taxed,” (Galbraith, 1978 ). This is a simple yet great solution- it helps to legitimately employ someone who was previously illegally distributing a substance and by taxing their business, funds are provided for government programs. This funding could help schools, hospitals, land development, and more. The possibilities are endless. The economy could stand to gain something, too. Legalizing marijuana could make our government more effective in maintaining the dollar’s value (Galbraith, 1978). It was reported that the reported trade deficit was off by approximately ten percent due to money for exported pot which was not unaccounted for (Galbraith, 1978). This was reported over 30 years ago. The figures today would be sufficiently higher. The taxpayers are the ones suffering because of it. There are approximately 20 countries throughout the world right now that …show more content…
There are not reports on the news of teens overdosing from marijuana use. Marijuana is actually helping a lot of people who are suffering from debilitating symptoms and conditions. It is helping some cope with pain and discomfort to the point where they are able to resume most parts of their daily life. Legalizing marijuana would only simplify the process for a sick patient to access to it if needed. Lastly, making marijuana legal in the United States and taxing and licensing it could provide opportunities for our economy to recover and for collection of additional government funds. The citizens of this country could benefit greatly from this. It is time America gave pot a

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