Marijuana Legalization

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Marijuana comes from the dried leaves, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Marijuana is a common street drug and is often used for recreational purposes. People can smoke marijuana or they can add the drug to food or tea. People uses marijuana for recreational purposes but people also use marijuana for medical purposes. Marijuana should be legalized because of its medical purposes, for beneficial effects, economical purposes, and crime.
Street vs. medical
Medical marijuana has been known to help relieve certain symptoms for, cancer patients, aids patients, and people who have glaucoma. In the article “Lost in the Weed” by Richard Brookhiser talks about having cancer he stated that “I had metastasized testicular cancer, which
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Colorado and Washington has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. A person has to be the age of twenty-one to purchase medical marijuana. Many people would say crime rates would go down and drug dealers would stop selling marijuana to minors. Marijuana should be legalized because it is not fair to people who actually need marijuana to help with pain or other conditions that they may have. Legalizing marijuana would help the police focus on another downfall that’s happening in the world today. Marijuana is not the issue, the issue is that people use marijuana in the wrong way. The article “going to pot” it states Marijuana is more popular and accessible in the U.S. than any other street drug. In national surveys, 48 percent of Americans say they have tried it, and 6.5 percent of high school seniors admit to daily use. So it was not too surprising when two states, Washington and Colorado, became the first to legalize recreational marijuana in the November 2012 general election, albeit in limited quantity, for anyone over the age of 21.( Khamsi,2013) Marijuana should be legalized because if the government was to give the world access to the drug it would cut down crimes. The government would make a huge profit if they were to legalize marijuana. The article “keeping marijuana illegal “states” Marijuana is perceived by many, mostly older, adolescents as no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco and far less risky to use occasionally than crack or heroin.” (Clark, 1997) Because people use marijuana does not mean that people will turn to other drugs. A person might just be going through a stage in life where they gave in to peer pressure and tried the drug. Eventually some people will stop using marijuana and some will continue but there has not been any record of a person harming another human being while using

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