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Annotated Bibliography: Legalization of Marijuana There is a lot of debate and misinformation about the legalization of marijuana or keeping it illegal. Both sides have beneficial information and strong beliefs. Marijuana is the most widely used substance in the United States. The Drug Enforcement Administration believes that 11.5 million people use marijuana. If legalizing it, it can be taxed and the united states can make a profit off of it. One of the concerns with legalizing it would be how to measure driver impairment and the use of marijuana in young people. Legalizing it would put the underground businesses to a stop. A lot of people believe in using cannabis for medicinal purposes, That the active ingredient, THC, is used to help …show more content…
Legalization of Marijuana.’’ Case Study 10 December 2013. Oboolo. Web. marijuana-85079.html

In this committee-reviewed case study, researcher Margaret K. argues that marijuana should be legal. She claims that marijuana is a criminalized drug and that the punishments are often too harsh. She believes that with the legalization of marijuana it will help to lower the underground activity and make the society safer. And to stop spending all the resources that have to do with marijuana prevention. Margaret, a researcher, has graduated from the Moi University in business law. Her information is very useful in helping those to understand possibilities that would happen if marijuana was legal. This article is important because there is more than one side and have all the information.

Anonymous. "The Case for Legalisation." Crime and Punishment: Essential Primary Sources. The Economist Newspaper. July 26, 2001. Global Issues In Context. Web.
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Typically, it is smoked or mixed with food. The article states that constant use of cannabis can damage the brain and lungs. Children that are born to mothers that consumed cannabis when pregnant face poor memory and a low level of attentiveness. Even young people that use cannabis often lose interest in school and drop out. Many of the strong supporters of legalization believe that the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, helps with pain associated with AIDS, cancer, and other diseases. The DEA, however, do not agree and say marijuana has no proven medical

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