Social Issue: Outline On Decriminalization And Legalization Of Marijuana

Outline for Social Issue Reaction Paper

Marijuana should be legalized

I. State and explain your social issue (a paragraph)

A. The prohibition of marijuana has been unsuccessful. High school seniors report that it’s easy to obtain (citation). Despite research showing that criminal penalties do not decrease the use of marijuana, millions of marijuana related arrests have been made (citation). When legalized, the government can more easily control marijuana, including eliminating dangerous additives and risky situations that play a role in consumer acquisition. Marijuana is safer than many legal drugs (citation). Finally, considering the potential economic impact of legalization, stopping the prohibition of marijuana would bring in tax
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Identify the most important issues addressed in the statement (a paragraph) A. There are many different alternatives to the current prohibition of marijuana. One key issue in the argument presented is that legalization is being promoted. This differs from other approaches such as decriminalization and allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Legalizing and regulating marijuana as opposed to the current laws of prohibition is supported by the author. (Explain and define decriminalization and medicinal use, elaborate on what legalization means specifically).

IV. State several arguments to support your opinion on the issue (several paragraphs) A. Health benefits “Unlike many legal and illegal drugs, marijuana can benefit users….” 1. Marijuana helps with nausea, appetite loss, pain and anxiety (citation). 2. The FDA already recognized the medical benefits of THC by approving its synthetic form, “Marinol” (citation). Still, it has been seen that marijuana is more effective in its natural from. 3. Several medical organizations have concluded after reviewing evidence that marijuana is a safe and effective medicine for some patients (citation).
B. Government benefits 1. Stop wasting tax dollars on fighting the (failing) war against
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Regulation of the marijuana industry would decrease crime related to its sale, distribution, and use. It would also serve to protect and educate consumers, as they become more aware of what is in the drug they purchase. Particular strains could be sold for certain purposes, as noticed by the proven effects of their chemical makeup. Users who hope to treat anxiety wouldn’t be as likely to purchase a strain of marijuana that causes paranoia. This and other negative effects could be practically eliminated through targeted growth and purchase of specific types of marijuana.

V. Defend your position on the issue (a paragraph or more)

A. Health implications “It is often said that marijuana has negative health effects…” 1. Alcohol and tobacco do more harm to users than marijuana (citation) 2. Studies have failed to link cancer to marijuana use (citation) 3. There is no causal relationship between mental health conditions and marijuana (citation). 4. Contrary to popular belief, marijuana use does not lower IQ (citation).

B. “Marijuana is a gateway drug” 1. This was shown to be a myth during a study commissioned by the White House in 1999 (citation). 2. Marijuana is successfully used as a medication in other states, where users do not go on to using “harder” drugs (citation). 3. Many users of marijuana never “graduate” to stronger illegal substances

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