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  • Marijuana And Decriminalization

    Decriminalization is an activity that still remains illegal, but enforcement and penalties are not as severe. Legalization means that an activity is monitored by the government and can be taxed. Racial profiling has become an increasing issue in the last year, with many police shootings and unfair court rulings. Men of color have become victims of racial profiling, especially when it comes to possession of marijuana. Many are imprisoned and put to trial unfairly. As stated before, the ban on marijuana seemed to be racially based and still continues to be. In the Depaul Journal for Social Justice by, nvwoobrwon, states, “the war on drugs has been characterized by and criticized for its disproportionate impact on communities of color. African Americans…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Decriminalization In The Criminal Law

    Based upon chapter 12, Decriminalization of solution possession or use can be described as the clearing of endorsements under criminal law, with optional use of administrative approvals, for instance, the utilization of basic fines or court-asked for remedial responses. Decriminalization Decriminalization is the cancellation of statutes, which made certain showings criminal, with the objective that those exhibitions never again are wrongdoings or subject to arraignment. Various states have…

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  • Criminalization And Decriminalization Of Marijuana

    Laws are supposed to protect the rights of citizens and communities, “it is the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may be enforced by the imposition of penalties” (Schauer, 2015). Marijuana also known as Cannabis is a well know plant that is sometimes used and misused and is considered a substance that originated from immigrants whom entered into America back in the 1920’s. Prior to the immigrants using the Cannabis…

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  • Social Issue: Outline On Decriminalization And Legalization Of Marijuana

    Identify the most important issues addressed in the statement (a paragraph) A. There are many different alternatives to the current prohibition of marijuana. One key issue in the argument presented is that legalization is being promoted. This differs from other approaches such as decriminalization and allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Legalizing and regulating marijuana as opposed to the current laws of prohibition is supported by the author. (Explain and define…

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  • Drug Control Thesis

    Drug control policies Thesis statement There has been an ongoing debate on drug decriminalization, legalization and laying of stricter illicit drug control policies. Whereas some countries feel that decriminalizing illicit drugs will increase their consumption, some countries believe that it is important to put in place stricter rules. To proponents of putting stricter, it will reduce the consumption of these drugs thereby reducing the general damage that they pause to those who consume them.…

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  • Decriminalizing Marijuana By Charles Stimson Analysis

    cannabis decriminalization since 1978. This means that possessing small amounts of marijuana in these states wouldn 't be considered a misdemeanor or a felony. The worst thing that could happen if a police caught you with the possession of marijuana is that you would have to pay a fine. In her essay, she includes information from many different studies to reveal the impact that decriminalizing marijuana has on the number of marijuana users in the state. "Studies conducted in California, Oregon,…

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  • The Argument Against Legalization Of Marijuana

    during his professional career as a psychotherapist he has seen multiple emotionally crippled adults, who turned to substances like marijuana instead of developing adequate soothing mechanisms. He claims that he is for decriminalization of the drug, that people shouldn’t be going to jail over possessing it. But that full legalization would be a mistake. I believe that what Samuels wants is essentially the same as legalization. Samuels references the pro legalization documentary produced by CNN…

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  • Legalization Of Marijuana Case Study

    and medicine marijuana should be allowed. This view has aligned with the nineteen states and the District of Columbia that have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use and the twenty-three states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Add to that, recently four states, as well as D.C., have legalized recreational marijuana. Some…

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  • Should Prostitution Be Legalized

    argument for those who are for legalization of prostitution is that these individuals are making calculated, informed choice before entering prostitution. Many want it to seem as if prostitution is sexual liberation and a way to fulfill sexual desires and fantasies. This idea lacks an assessment of the male power and critique from society. It’s important to remember that free will involves the existence of various options and the control to make personal choices (Tlatenchi, 2012). Prostitution…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Community Legalization

    community is different. The criminal justice system all over the country need to engage in listening to the community’s issues and put the community above all else; The police need the community and vice versa. If we were to look at what Richmond, and hopefully Baltimore in the future, are doing with their community policing policies, we can notice that the police’s notion of justice is aligned with the community’s notion of justice, therefore allowing the decriminalization or lack of…

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