Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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A common question across American is should marijuana be legalized? Medical marijuana has already been legalized in Washington, Alaska and Colorado. By legalizing marijuana in the United States, we will see our existing problems worsen, which is why we must keep marijuana illegal. Marijuana is the most common illicit drug used. Petition drives all over Michigan are being launched to loosen the restriction of marijuana and several cities have already loosened their laws on marijuana. This is a mind altering drug that has multiple chemicals, that give a higher risk for cancer, psychosis, strokes, respiratory damage, heart attacks and many other harmful body impairments. Pregnant women who smoke marijuana could kill their fetus and their …show more content…
Currently, about twenty-four percent of high school seniors smoke pot regularly and seventeen percent of people under eighteen will become addicted, nine percent will start monthly overdosing. Seventy to ninety percent of drug users started off with marijuana. Heavy marijuana use is up eighty percent since 2008. Marijuana doubles the risk of traffic deaths. Of the drivers in Maryland Trauma Center, twenty percent of injured drivers tested positive for marijuana compared to thirty-three percent for alcohol. For people under twenty one, fifty percent tested positive for marijuana and thirty three percent for alcohol. California driving deaths from marijuana have doubled since 2004 (Morgan, 2015). Currently the number one drug problem in this country is alcohol, so why would we unleash another harmful drug on Americans? Marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol, but if marijuana becomes legal crime and societal problems will sky rocket. Just like alcohol, marijuana is known as a gateway drug and will lead to harder and stronger drugs. We have not won the war against drugs, but even if we were to pass laws against a harmful practice it will not be eliminated. However, it does limit, stigmatize it and punish the abusers (Brumbelow,

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