Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper

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1 Birendra Shrestha Proff Mary Stanly English 1301 10/27/1016 Legalization of Marijuana Dried seeds, leaves, stem and flowers obtained from the hemp of the Cannabis Sativa are marijuana. The cannabis plant has a medicinal value of a psychoactive drug. Reports and statistics have shown that marijuana is the commonest illicit drug among drug users in the United States of America. The plant Cannabis Sativa has over 483 known compounds with tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) compound being the commonly known of all the compounds. The plant Cannabis Sativa has found its modern use as a medicinal or recreational drug in the form of marijuana. The psychoactive and psychological are the attributions that make Marijuana a recreational drug. Subsequently, marijuana …show more content…
Consequently, the debate has resulted in the emergence of a range of opinions from different quarters such as legalization of marijuana to the effective method of regulating the use of marijuana. Research has it that marijuana has numerous medicinal effects that positively affect the functioning of the brain as per the content of the paper and the arguments provided by marijuana enthusiast. Marijuana supporters, therefore, present valid reasons as to why marijuana ought to face legalization. Marijuana supporters emphatically argue that just like alcohol and tobacco, marijuana should also follow the same regulation and face complete removal from the criminal justice …show more content…
Marijuana enthusiasts argue that the regulation and legalization of marijuana under the rule of law will resultantly create jobs and economic opportunities. Marijuana aficionados through the mention of employment creation can connect with readers because of the tough economic times that millions of people are facing now. Currently, the marijuana business operates as an illicit business operation in the market but legalizing and regulating marijuana will immensely affect the formal economy in a positive way. Subsequently, the law enforcement resources in circulation to bar the use of marijuana will help in the protection of public safety and will cut down on courts and correctional facilities costs. Marijuana fanatics of the essay argue that the regulation of marijuana sales will provide new channels of revenue acquisition through taxation for both the state and the local governments. Marijuana enthusiasts reckon that the tax money collected from marijuana sales regulation would be more because of the extensive use of

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