Positive Side Of Marijuana Essay

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Marijuana Bright Side OR Positive Side of the Green
Marijuana has become a subject of huge controversy it today’s society. The consumption of marijuana has highly increased upon the time. According to statistic, marijuana has become the more used drug in the United States. Therefore, this shows that keeping it illegal does not reduce its use. Likewise, the fact of smoking marijuana does not mean that the person consuming it is a bad person; in fact, he or she may be a role model citizen. Therefore, by prohibiting its consumption puts the person in a “criminal” prospective, when the reasons for consuming it may not even be wrong. Marijuana should be legalized for its medical value, would reduce illegal traffic, and would help to grow the country’s
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Since late times, it has been well known and demonstrated that marijuana has plenty positive properties such as medical properties. For example, it has been demonstrated the effective result its use has on epileptic patients. In these particular cases, marijuana has proved to be a good antispasmodic, allowing muscles to relax and treat seizures safely. As well, it may work as a pain reliever in patients with terminal illnesses. For instance, in people with cancer in terminal phase, marijuana works as a palliative treatment of analgesic and anti-inflammatory which makes patients’ pain to go away. Finally, it has been proved that when patients with brain’s tumors have used marijuana as treatment, those have disappear. Therefore, being legalized would help people or people’s family since it would not be necessary to go elsewhere to obtain it in order to provide a medication to their …show more content…
Government has increase its measures to try to counter the marijuana issues such as contraband and its illegal possession. Nevertheless, it has not stopped its use and outcomes resulting in a waste of time and money. Therefore, making marijuana legal would prevent the waste of government and the country’s resources trying to counter this issue. For example, police would not have the necessity of going to persecute or arrest people who use it. Therefore, such portion of budget would not be required to pay for the salaries of those officials. Also, there would be less people being incarcerated for this drug position which expenditures are paid by the government and worker citizens, as well. But most important, police force can invest its time in countering more important issues such as terrorism. Likewise, legalizing it would become an open road to its taxation. For example, if industries or business owners decide to open store that deliver or sell this substance, not only they may be obligated to pay taxes but the consumer as

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