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  • Sports Agent Of Competency

    An Agent of Competency As children, many young boys and girls watch sports on television with the hopes of one day being the one who is scoring the game winning touchdown, or shooting the game winning shot at the buzzer, or landing the perfect 10 to bring home the gold. Upon growing up, many of these same children realize only a select few will achieve that goal and must look for other ways to earn a living. One career path that can be taken that allows one to be part of the sport they love is that of a professional sports agent. Professional sports agents are the individuals who represent the interests of the players they represent in all business related activity, such as contract negotiations, personal appearances, legal issues, and product endorsements. While there is no athletic ability to becoming a sports agent and the career does not require a degree, there is necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSA) that are required in order to be successful. The intent of this paper is to identify the relevant KSAs and to combine them into the competencies required of a professional sports agent, then to discuss those competencies and provide an action plan as to how one, who does not currently have the necessary competencies can obtain them. KSAs into Competencies As a professional sports agent, your clients will be depending on you to make the best decisions possible in many, if not all, of their business dealings. Many of these decisions will be worth millions of…

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  • Character Analysis Of Blanche Dubois In A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams

    get her mind off of the death of her dear husband, that she blames herself for. Knowing this you can see that Blanche is an extremely troubled character. Blanche’s character is so complex and to carry out her full potential for an actress is one of the most difficult things to put together. “ Actresses talk of losing their voice, suffering bouts of depression or having anxiety attacks while playing the part.” (Blanche Dubois: Chasing Magic,Fleeing the Dark). An actress that experienced these…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock And Faulkner's Psycho And A Rose For Emily

    In 1960, Alfred Hitchcock had made the film “Psycho”. He was also the best known film director in the world. Psycho is mixed with a little bit of horror, mystery, and thriller. The first film ever published was in black and white. In 1930, William Faulkner published “A Rose for Emily”. A Rose for Emily is more of a southern gothic genre. There isn’t too many similarities besides that there are two psycho people. Hitchcock and Faulkner are both well-known people. In psycho there was one main…

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  • Chile: A Perfect Dictatorship

    I have no aspiration but to serve my country. Today it is me, tomorrow it will be Admiral Merino, then General Leigh, and so on. As soon as the country recuperates, the junta will turn over the government to whomever people desire” (Constable, Valenzuela 65). However, Pinochet seized this moment to take the control of the government. He swiftly had a new presidential sash made and had an “army aide call the president of the supreme court and ask him to preside” (64). An official presidential…

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  • Camera Angless In Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

    angle caused what it was looking down on to appear small and vulnerable. An example of this was when detective Arbogast (Martin Balsam) entered into the house. “We see Arbogast coming up the stairs. And now we see, too, the door of the mother 's room, opening, carefully and slowly.As Arbogast reaches the landing, the door opens and the mother steps out, her hand raises high, the blade of an enormous knife flashing”(Citation/script). This causes Arbogast to look like prey. This foreshadows that…

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  • Inequality In Jane Eyre And Frankenstein

    Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley are two novels in which the themes of equality and inequality are explored extensively. The texts are both written by women in 1847 and 1818 respectively and both deal with gender inequality. Jane Eyre is also a social commentary on the injustices and inequalities of the classist Victorian hierarchy whereas Shelley’s novel focuses on the human rejection of unconventionality and the inequalities faced by societies ‘outcasts. The…

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire: Film Analysis

    The play A Streetcar Named Desire explores brutality vs. tenderness displayed through the personalities of Stanley Kowalski and Blanche DuBois. Marlon Brando's charismatic portrayal of Stanley Kowalski in Elia Kazan's film version of A Streetcar Named Desire undermines the validity of Blanche's struggle. The contrast between Vivien Leigh's Blanche and Brando's Stanley emphasizes the most negative aspects of Blanche's character while supporting and validating the most positive of Stanley's,…

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  • Analysis Of Mother To Son By Langston Hughes

    off from the stereotypes given to him and the African American community and decides to follow his dream. The African Americans can relate to him as they have also been discriminated against and have been unable to reach their dream due to these labels. They also feel a sense of belonging as Hughes includes them by asking them for their help in ‘shattering the darkness’. In the movie “The Blind Side”, the theme of ‘Individuals who inspire’ can be witnessed in many scenes. One scene in…

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  • The White Savior In The Film The Blind Side

    is a movie based off a real story that revolves around a homeless, African-American teen named Michael Oher and a white woman named Leigh Anne Tuohy eventually who adopts Michael into her family. Having grown up in a poor neighbourhood and being neglected by his family, Michael eventually gets noticed by Leigh Ann and her family, and they decided that they would help him by giving him a place to live as well as assisting him through high school. Throughout this time, Leigh Anne buys him more…

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  • Vygotsky's Sociocultural Development In 'The Blindside'

    enforce rules, and expect mature behavior. But they are warm with their children. They listen to concerns, give reasons for rules, and allow more democratic decision making. There is less strict punishments and more guidance. Parents help children think through the consequences of their actions” (Hoffman, 2001). This definition fits the Tuohy’s style because they show Michael that they have expectations for him and gives him the support he needs to achieve them. This is show in the movie when…

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