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  • Neoptolemus And Philocten: The Inner Nature Of Friendship

    The Inner Nature of Friendship Cordelia Achen Over his long seclusion on the abandoned island of Lemnos, some meet Philoctetes and learn his melancholy history. However, no one gives him the aid he needs to escape his solitary existence and return to civilization. Except for Neoptolemus. He becomes friends with Philoctetes, at first to steal the bow of Heracles, but later due to his friendly feelings towards Philoctetes. Philoctetes too, has friendly feelings towards Neoptolemus, which survive even after Neoptolemus has seemingly betrayed him. What it is about Philoctetes and Neoptolemus that allows them to become friends, even though they spend most of the play at cross-purposes? Neoptolemus and Philoctetes become friends because they can…

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  • Odysseus Conflict Analysis

    decision to conform to what the community believes or risk public scrutiny for continuing to believe in what he or she feels is right. In Sophocles well known play, Philoctetes, this conflict emerges. Each of the characters in this play have radically different personalities, backgrounds, and motivations, which allows for a dramatic shift of tone and suspense, as well as a melting pot for this conflict to take place. Neoptolemus, for instance, desperately struggles with resolving this conflict,…

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  • The Sisters Graves At Lemnos Poem Analysis

    In the first line, she refers to the island of Lemnos as a place of devoutness. "O Golden Isle set in the deep-blue Ocean". By starting the poem with this line, she has immediately given respect for this place and women who lost their lives there. In the third no fourth lines, "i kneel before thee in supreme devotion, Of some who on thy bosom lie at rest". She shows the extreme respect she had for the women who are buried on the island after dying at…

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  • The Cure Of Troy: Analysis: The Cure Of Troy

    years had become one of the great warrior and immense archer. He left with other Greeks to participate in the Trojan War and was bitten by a snake on his foot. This is believed to be a result of the curse for his deeds in revealing the location of Heracle’s corpse. The bite had aggravated and caused him constant pain and caused him a sickening smell. The disgusting odor of Philoctetes along with his constant cry of agony had caused his Greek companions to abandon him in the deserted island of…

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  • Ww1 Australian Nurse Essay

    and most had their family provide them with money while away. Work was varied with some working in hospitals, on hospitals ships and trains or in casualty clearing stations closer to the front line. Locations for where the nurses varied from Britain to England. Some nurses even established hospitals on the Greek islands, Lemnos and Imbros. For their undying service to the soldiers and their country 8 nurses received Military Medal for bravery. Twenty five nurses also lost their lives during…

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  • Philocetes Neoptolemus Character Analysis

    The Greeks need Philocetes to return to Troy in order to help them win the Trojan War. Although Philocetes is disabled and sick, he will not heal by remaining isolated on Lemnos. One can consider Philocetes’ return to Troy his civil duty because without him the war simply cannot be won in their favor. However, his deeply stemmed anger and resentment towards Odysseus prolongs the completion of his duty. This is but another example of one’s needs conflicting with those of society. As I said…

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  • Character Traits Of Hephaestus

    Sense Hera pulled this stunt, Zeus knew he would have to get revenge on her because no-one messed with the great Greek god of all time. When Hephaestus got word that Zeus was planning revenge on his Hera, he tried to intervene. As a result of intervening, Zeus threw him off Mount Olympus, where he landed on the island of Lemnos. On the island of Lemnos, Hephaestus was cared for by the local Sintian tribe. On the island, Hephaestus learned how to be a great craftsman and set up his forge upon the…

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  • Essay On Life Of God Hephaestus

    was crippled and deformed; ugly, unlike all the other gods. Hera cast me from the ramparts of Olympus because of my impurities, onto the island of Lemnos, where I was raised by Thetis and Eurynome. On this island, I soon honed my smithing and metalworking skills until I was proficient in the craft. I made trinkets and adorning objects for my guardians for nine years on Lemnos until I felt it necessary to return to my proper home ("Hephaistos Myths"). I was furious at Hera for discarding me…

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  • The Morality Of Philoctetes In Homer's Odyssey

    Throughout the play Philoctetes is unyielding in his principles who does not progress throughout the play. For years Philoctetes has been segregated and isolated from the rest of society. Since he was left on the island of Lemnos his anger built up for the person responsible of leaving him there to suffer: Odysseus. The story begins with Odysseus speaking to Neoptolemus about what he must say and act when they arrive to the Island which Philoctetes was stranded on. Believing that it is best to…

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  • Hephaestus Role Model

    back to Olympus to set up a new workshop for him and arrange a marriage with Aphrodite (Graves 87). His retrieval back to Olympus cemented his position as the craftsman of the gods (Evans 121). Hephaestus had more hardships in his adult life, mostly regarding his wife, Aphrodite. Even though he held a high position on Olympus, the other gods, including his wife Aphrodite, took advantage of his kindness. Although married, Aphrodite fell in love with Ares because of his good looks and charm…

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