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  • The Hero In Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

    No matter where a person may come from, everyone encounters a similar journey. The journey that is heard in stories is symbolic to what anyone may go through in life. In the story “A worn path”, an old women goes through many obstacles as she is on the pathway to acquiring what she sought after. In order to better convey the hero’s journey in the story A Worn Path, Eudora Welty uses characterization, symbolism, and conflict. In the story characterization is used to describe the main character Phoenix Jackson. Every story must have its hero and Phoenix Jackson is the “hero” in this journey. In the story she is described as an old Negro woman. The story says “She was very old and small and walked slowly in the dark pine shadows, moving a little from side to side in her steps” (275). This may depict that she is not that she is a frail lady who is probably weakening as she get older. She has to make a journey on a cold winter day in December and see that she is old and most likely weak this journey will a difficult one for Phoenix. Heller states “mainly because of her age, the simple walk from her remote home in Natchez is a difficult enough journey to take on epic proportions.” Phoenix is really old and this journey is a hard one for her to make.In the story old Phoenix says “Out of my way, all the foxes, owls, beetles, jack rabbits, coons and wild animals” (275). This conveys that Phoenix may be old but she is determined and fearless. She will not let anyone or anything…

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  • Makai Knights Character Analysis

    Makai Knights, a loveable Alchemist, and the Slow-Cooking Presentation Notwithstanding, Garo is not a good description of the Makai Knights in general, these noble warriors serve deities who are neither lovable nor efficient. I appreciated the conflicting nature of these Knights: Sworn to never use their power against normal humans, these Knights oddly enough use the same power of the horrors in their armor that they fight against. Not to say Garo convolutes morality in this world, only which…

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  • Parade Scene Analysis

    Parade shows the story of the Trial of Leo Frank, a Jew convicted of murdering a thirteen-year old girl, Mary Phagan. The white southerners in the show convict him guilty of murdering Mary. They do not have any evidence of convicting him guilty though. The convict him because he is Jew. This trial shows how racial discrimination is the overall them of the story. Ball State University Department of Theatre and Dance’s Production of Parade uses costumes, lights, props, and specific characters for…

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  • Analysis Of Don T Text And Drive

    Although science indicates that our brains are designed to focus one thing at the time, it is popular that we ignore this fact, and perform multitasking instead, particularly when driving. Detecting this problem, the print ad “Don’t Text and Drive,” thanks to its brilliant designs, its conveyable image, and its interaction with viewers, reminds us to think twice about our choice. In the jungle of colorful and complex designs, the “Don’t Text and Drive” print ad enacts viewers by its innovative…

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  • Heart Of Darkness Modernism Analysis

    Modernism gave rise in the nineteenth century and went through the twentieth century. Modernism is classified as a philosophical movement to modify the old traditional beliefs with modern society. Modern literary writers often represent the world as a fragmented and chaotic place that has lost the faith the previous generations once had. Two such modern authors are Leo Tolstoy who wrote The Death of Ivan Ilych and Joseph Conrad who wrote Heart of Darkness. It may seem that these two novels have…

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  • Reflection On Formula For Portraying Art By Sarah Boxer

    According to our guide of the exhibit, both pieces show similarities to Renaissance paintings. This is something that I would not have realized had I gone by myself to the exhibit. Because of this little piece of information, I was able to further appreciate the art pieces. In both, Marshall showcases two poignant places in African American culture, a barber shop and beauty salon. Marshall highlights the strength of his community, even through the struggles they face with racism. In School of…

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  • The Jonestown Massacre

    the developing civil rights movement desegregating: movie theaters, restaurants, the telephone company, hospitals, and the city police department. The temple also ran a complimentary restaurant, and provided homes for the elderly and mentally ill. (WGBH). Jones also took in local alcoholics and drug abusers and lead them on the right path helping them deal with their sins. (Jonestown). All of these affirmations and community service projects that the church was preforming created a positive…

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  • Death Of Ivan Ilyich And Death Of A Salesman Analysis

    Two books, The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, give insight two men’s consequences of leading a specific life when faced with the thought of death. Their deaths mean more than just passing off from the mortal world, it reflects and questions their morals and behaviors in their lifetimes. Although Ivan realizes how meaningless the pursuits of his life have been in his final moments before death while Willy dies still delusional and dwelling in…

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  • Similarities Between Thomas Hobbes And Niccolo Machiavelli

    Thomas Hobbes and Niccolo Machiavelli, both grappling with regional instability and constant war, arrive at different frameworks for handling man’s inherent propensity for conflict from very similar models of human behavior. Hobbes, watching his fellow countrymen fight each other during the English Civil War, decided that humans perpetually desire more power to secure their well-being and therefore incline toward warfare as a means to achieve this. Machiavelli, similarly accustomed to the…

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  • Leo Tolstoy Analysis

    Leo Tolstoy’s books The Death of Ivan Ilych and A Confession, the Gospel Brief and What I Believe show very similar experiences and thought processes between Ivan Ilych and Tolstoy himself. It is arguable that when writing The Death of Ivan Ilych, Tolstoy reflected himself into Ilych’s character and life. This is evident in both men’s early experiences, thoughts and beliefs, morals, and overall questioning and understanding of life’s existence. Very soon did Tolstoy write that he wanted to be…

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