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  • Letter To Leonardo Dicaprios

    Dear Leonardo Dicaprio (or my friend Tyler), Throughout our relationship as a couple, I expect us to have a great connection and have mutual respect for each other. Before we marry, I would prefer us both to be graduated from college and have our career plans set out for us. Long-term cohabiting and LAT relationships, in my opinion, should not be an option for anyone, especially for me. I believe that if you love someone enough you should commit to them and if you have no future plans to do so then the relationship is meaningless. I wish to be married around the age of twenty-four which would be a few years after I graduate from college. A combination of a companionate marriage and an individualized marriage seems to be a great duo because…

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  • Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation Analysis

    The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation (LDF) was founded in 1998. The mission of the Dicaprio Foundation is to “protect the world’s last wild places ”. They do so through six avenues: Wildland Conservation, Oceans Conservation, Climate Change, Indigenous Rights, Transforming California, and Innovative Solutions. Through fundraising, LDF has successfully been able to make grants and support other projects with their same mission in mind worldwide. Through Leonardo’s personal social media, his…

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  • Heschel's Analysis Of Prophets

    One thing Heschel said of prophets is “While others are intoxicated with the here and now, the prophet has a vision of an end” (11). Recently, Dicaprio helped produce and also starred in a documentary called Before the Flood. One thing particularly striking that was said in this documentary was “When I have children, everything that we now all take for granted, our planet, and all its biodiversity and beauty, everything in the future is gonna be different” (Dicaprio, Before the Flood). Rather…

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  • The Revenant Film Analysis

    The main character, Hugh Glass was perfectly cast. He is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Although this is not the usual type of role, DiCaprio gives an anchoring performance of ferocious 200% commitment (Chang, 1). In order for DiCaprio to act in this movie, he had to put in months of hard work and he did whatever it took to accurately portray Hugh Glass. He had to put himself through the harsh conditions and environment that Hugh Glass would have experienced. An example is the scene where…

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  • Analysis Of Titanic

    his past to her future; she takes his step by step rationality and makes it her own. In their smaller than usual dating, they discuss all the exploits he has had - his freewheeling days from the wharf at Santa Monica to Paris - and they want to impart these undertakings together in the future, despite the fact that not one or the other of them presumably accepts they really will: There is no meager characterization in Titanic and a simple return to acting, in my examination of Cal 's capacity…

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  • Before The Flood By Leonardo Dicaprio Analysis

    The documentary film Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens and starring academy award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, in short, is about climate change. It dives into deeper topics such as the effects of industrialism on our planet, what our future looks like and what we should be doing to reverse our actions. Leonardo DiCaprio, who besides being an actor is an environmental activist tries to convey the message that climate change is real and that it is destroying our planet. He…

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  • The Wolf Of Wall Street Crime Analysis

    Drugs, money, and girls are starting to become the trend in Hollywood. With huge hits such as The Wolf of Wall Street with the highly talented Leonardo DiCaprio as the notorious Jordan Belfort. The wolf of Wall Street can be used as a visual to show the different topics we talked about in class. This movie is based off of Jordan Belfort a white collar criminal on the streets of long island. There are many instances where what we discussed in lecture/discussion. Crime is now a big seller at the…

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  • The Wolf Of Wall Street Movie Essay

    ” (Jahns) And I totally agree. Leonardo DiCaprio, as the title character, delivered an exceptional performance as this silver tongued devil who is extremely talented in instigating his audience. When he gets close to a microphone, the audience both in and out of the silver screen just cannot help but be energized by his ambition. One of my favorite scene in the movie is when DiCaprio delivers a battle speech about selling initial public offerings: “My killers! My killers, who will not take no…

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  • Virtual Group Evaluation Essay

    Domingas Fernandes Evaluation #3 On Wednesday night March 30th, I opened my Blackboard page and noticed that I had a notification from my Virtual Group. My group members had already started the discussion about what Electronic Meeting System we would be using for the assignment. GoogleDoc, being the most widely used, was suggested and everyone seemed to agree with it. We also shared our phone numbers and decided to use iMessage. On the following day, it seemed that everybody forgot that we…

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  • Perception In Interpersonal Communication

    Going into the story, this situation between my friend and myself is focused on one night. We had just gotten back from a ski trip this recent winter break and the whole group of friends got together for a night out. I decided to go visit a friend that I consider my brother for a brief moment before getting together with my regular group of friends. Since he lives in Austin it is hard to get together so when ever we have the opportunity we meet. The main person whose name is Carlos, super good…

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