The Wolf Of Wall Street Crime Analysis

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Drugs, money, and girls are starting to become the trend in Hollywood. With huge hits such as The Wolf of Wall Street with the highly talented Leonardo DiCaprio as the notorious Jordan Belfort. The wolf of Wall Street can be used as a visual to show the different topics we talked about in class. This movie is based off of Jordan Belfort a white collar criminal on the streets of long island. There are many instances where what we discussed in lecture/discussion. Crime is now a big seller at the movie theatre and I believe that it can have an impact on a youths mind. The wolf of Wall Street follows the rise of a young money driven stockbroker out of long island, NY. Jordan Belfort a young broker is a story of rags to riches. He teams up with a friend to create Stratton Oakmont, a brokerage firm in New York. With the motto “don’t hang up till they buy or they die” a small brokerage of 20 exponentially grew to a staff of over 250. With the with the testosterone driven mind Jordan …show more content…
The great Gatsby is a white collar crime film that shows what goes on in the corporate world. Looking at what crime reports are available there is mainly data for violent crimes. In class we talked about white collar crimes but did not go too in depth about it. I feel that as humans we think a crime is something that has a physical effect on you. But watching the movie we are desensitized to his actions because he’s taking it from wealthy people and was once poor. Showing this to younger kids can impact them because those types of crimes aren’t as prominent in their faces. To properly teach not to commit crimes we have to be educated in all types of crimes. We learned about the different crimes such as violent, property, public order, etc. I comprehend that people don’t reaslise that what he did in the movie is a legit job but can be done outside of the law to make more

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