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  • Fantasia Film Analysis

    have been many animated movies that were very popular during the 1940’s and 50’s. Some are still watched and have been recreated in today’s times: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, and Dumbo. Although not the first animated movie to be created, Fantasia (1940) was the first movie to connect classical music with animations. Directed by James Algar and released in 1940, this movie was the first of its kind, using classical music and creating scenes with animations around that music or vice versa. This movie contains eight musical segments all narrated by Deems Taylor with different music and animations like Mickey Mouse, fairies, flowers, dinosaurs, figures from mythology, animals, and spirits for each of the scenes. As Leopold Stokowski conducts the Philadelphia Orchestra, viewers are taken into another world as they watch the magical animations come to life by the magical music. What are the qualities that create a memorable film? It starts with a great idea and even greater producers and directors to fulfill the vision from that first idea. Fantasia was based off of one of the scenes in the movie called The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which was created to make Mickey Mouse popular after a decline in his popularity. After that short was created, Disney decided to create a film with other animated segments like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice other pieces of classical music. “Fantasia is so utterly memorable and special partly because it fundamentally could not exist…

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  • The Benefits Of Deforestation

    philosopher that provided a view of the relationship between the people and the land is Aldo Leopold. Leopold expresses that the land ethic simply enlarges the boundaries of the community to include soils, waters, plants, and animals, or collectively: the land. (Book 223) Per the article, “A land ethic of course cannot prevent the alteration, management, and use of these ‘resources,’ but it does affirm their right to continued existence, and, at least in spots, their continued existence in a…

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  • Rachel's 'The Case Against Free Will'

    “Case Against Free Will” - Protocol Paper 4 RECALL: In “The Case against Free Will” by Rachels question; 1) Are we really responsible for what we do.; 2) Does “Free Will or Free Choice,” effect our behavior. Rachels claim “Since we are a part of nature, whatever happens inside us follows the laws of nature.”; 3) The case of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, who murdered a boy named Bobby Franks, is used as an example to support their claim; 4) Clarence Darrow, the defense lawyer for Leopold and…

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  • Chloroform Research Paper

    Chloroform was accidently exposed by Dr James Simpson and two other colleagues, during which the scientist’s mistakenly inhaled chloroform with the impact of the drug leaving them lying on the floor without any recollection of the events (Poovey, 1986). Because of Snow’s use of chloroform throughout November caused an argument to arise about the nature of labour and the mastering of women, however enthusiasm decreased after Queen Victoria was administered chloroform for the deliveries of her…

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  • Summary Of Aldo Leopold's The Land Ethic

    Journal Two: Leopold Aldo Leopold’s The Land Ethic mainly focuses on the importance of developing a sort of ethic for interacting with the land or a symbiotic relationship with the land and the world around us. This piece touches on numerous aspects of our current relationship with the environment and what needs to be reformed and understood in order to improve this relationship. Although The Land Ethic was published in 1949, Leopold’s statements and evaluations made in this piece are…

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  • How Should We Treat The Environment Essay

    How we should treat the environment? Do we have a moral responsibility to preserve the environment? The state of our environment these days is very crucial. Weather changes all the time. On summer days, we can expect the sun always brightly shining. During fall and winter, we can expect a calmer weather. But these have changed over time. It rains in the summer more than usual and it gets hot in fall and winter times. The weather change has been the new norm. Sometimes, the weather gets too dry…

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  • How Did The Human Rights Movement Changed In The 1920's America?

    prohibition of alcohol. Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb both came from wealthy families from Chicago, Illinois. Loeb was a troublemaker and has been obsessed with committing crimes all his life. It was just a matter of time where he would prove to everyone that he was capable of committing the perfect crime. Leopold, on the other hand, has not been much of a troublemaker. Leopold focused on his studies and was planning on attending the prestigious Harvard Law School soon in the future. During…

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  • Analysis Of Clarence Darrow's Speech

    John Coverly. In this speech Darrow implies that two boys, Nathan Leopold, age 19 and Richard Loeb, age 18 should not get the death penalty for the murder of Bobby Franks. Darrow cleverly argues his point that the boys were taught that human was cheap due to war and inhumane emotions and also argues against inhuman methods and punishments of the American justice system. Though the boys are indeed guilty of the crime they committed, Darrow believes that their lives can still be saved. He…

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  • Baxter And Aldo Leopold Analysis

    William F. Baxter and Aldo Leopold both have very different views as to what it means to be human and where our place in the world is compared to other animals, plants, and the very land itself. Very briefly, Baxter argues that any form of environmental problems should be viewed solely through the understanding that it is “people-oriented” and that any animal or land preservation would be understood in this light and not, as some threatened penguins would fear, “for their own sake” (Baxter,…

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  • Lord Of The Apes Movie Analysis

    giving it a modern makeover. The Legend of Tarzan, staring Alexander Skarsgård as John Clayton/Tarzan and Margot Robbie as Jane Clayton, recycles an old tale of the beefy white man in a loincloth saving African yet again. The movie starts in 1890, the post era of “King of the Jungle,” roughly ten years after Tarzan left the Congo. Tarzan has been re-assimilated into 19th Century England under the new name, John Clayton. He is a more civilized version of the swinging hero most know and love…

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