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  • How Did The Human Rights Movement Changed In The 1920's America?

    Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb both came from wealthy families from Chicago, Illinois. Loeb was a troublemaker and has been obsessed with committing crimes all his life. It was just a matter of time where he would prove to everyone that he was capable of committing the perfect crime. Leopold, on the other hand, has not been much of a troublemaker. Leopold focused on his studies and was planning on attending the prestigious Harvard Law School soon in the future. During his studies, Leopold came…

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  • Racial Prejudice In Mcbride's The Color Water

    Racial prejudice is a big issue within the courts globally. The biggest source of prejudice that the world receives is from government, and the information citizens get is what the government sees as suitable for the world to see. Discrimination in the courts comes from old political and social views, that in today’s society are seen as racist. The criminal justice and judicial systems are not color blind, they see deeper than African- American, Muslim , or Hispanic; they see the stereotypical…

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  • Lord Of The Apes Movie Analysis

    he has adapted to life in London along with his wife Jane. As a celebrity, legend and Earl of Greystoke, John Clayton is invited by King Leopold II from Belgian to come to Africa for political reasons. John refuses his invitation, but reconsiders after George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson), African-American US Civil War veteran, informs him that Leopold is suspected of slavery activity in the Congo. So, Lord Clayton and Williams, along with Jane, set off for the Congo. When they…

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  • The Congo Question

    “Belgian Solution” the argument is made for the best way to administer the Belgians newly acquired colony, known as the Congo Free State, after its recent annexation from King Leopold II in 1908. The article was written after nearly ten years of ever increasing humanitarian outcries against the atrocities committed by King Leopold II. The “Congo question” for Daniels and the Western world was how best to reform and govern the colony in the wake of such deplorable abuses of human rights? How to…

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  • The Effect Of Colonization On The Congo And Belgium

    The history of a country is significant to the country because it has shaped it to be what it is today. Not only is it important to the country but to the society, as a famous quote went; "people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots". One significant historical event to not only a country and society but to a whole continent was the colonization of almost all the African countries by the European countries. In the 19th and 20th century the…

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  • The Role Of Civilization In Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

    superiority has been evident throughout the ages, but was revealed in an especially heinous light during the exploits of the Belgian Congo, Slavery in America, and Bolivia. The Belgian Congo was a colony established in 1908, and owned by King Leopold II of Belgium. King Leopold like many others believed their duty was to civilize and protect, stated that he, “humbly volunteers for scientific…

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  • European Imperialism Essay

    The origins of the European colonization can be traced back to several various starting points. However, it was European nationalism and ideologies that would crave up the continent of Africa throughout the nineteenth century. Many African nations where seized, and controlled by the European powers. Additionally, the mission of many European countries such as Portugal, England, and France wanted to spread Christianity among the natives. Also, the European nations sought to take control of the…

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  • Self-Assessment Of Writing Progress

    Everything in the universe has a history. It is critical to inquire about the particular brand of history being used as a framework in either written pieces or conversation. Traditional history, or rather the discipline of history, was founded by Leopold von Ranke. Ranke believed that its was a historian’s job while studying the past to be somewhat detached from it. This is necessary in order to reconstruct history as it was, because there exists a duty to be true to the past before all else.…

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  • Belgian Imperialism

    Central Africa, 1885. The Congo is the personal property of King Leopold II. After the invention of inflatable bike tires, rubber becomes a commodity. The Belgian Congo has the potential to produce millions of tons of rubber a year, and no special cultivation techniques or tools are needed to harvest rubber -only human labor is required. This leads to a multitude of backdoor dealings and atrocities committed in the pursuit of profit and industry. European intervention and Imperialism had a…

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  • King Leopold's Ghost Analysis

    the international crusade against Leopold. Another hero of this tale, the Irish patriot Roger Casement, ended his life on a London gallows. Two courageous black Americans, George Washington Williams and William Sheppard, risked much to bring evidence of the Congo atrocities to the outside world. Sailing into the middle of the story was a young Congo River steamboat officer named Joseph Conrad. And looming above them all, the duplicitous billionaire King Leopold II. With great power and…

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