Chloroform Research Paper

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Chloroform was accidently exposed by Dr James Simpson and two other colleagues, during which the scientist’s mistakenly inhaled chloroform with the impact of the drug leaving them lying on the floor without any recollection of the events (Poovey, 1986). Because of Snow’s use of chloroform throughout November caused an argument to arise about the nature of labour and the mastering of women, however enthusiasm decreased after Queen Victoria was administered chloroform for the deliveries of her eighth and ninth child (Snow 2008). The debate reacquired control after Snow voiced his opinion “chloroform can do what others cannot which is a deep sleep without long periods of energy” (Poovey, 1986) and with the ensemble of committees to study chloroform and the psychological effects but previously 123 fatalities occurred. Members of public …show more content…
Her doctors contemplated using Dr. Snow but due to Professor Charles Meigs advising against chloroform, prudence won and the Queen was denied chloroform (Poovey, 1986). Perspectives changed and doctors became increasingly confident with chloroform, furthermore when the Queen asked for chloroform it was provided to her with the support of Prince Albert and Dr. Snow. During the birth itself chloroform meet the Queen’s expectations and her recovery was quick compared to previous births (Snow, 2008). Despite this the Lancet declared chloroform to be evil and stating in an article that “in no case could it be justified or administer chloroform in a perfectly normal labour, but the responsibility of advocating such a proceeding in the case of the Sovereign of these realms would indeed be tremendous” (Snow, 2008). Although many still argued the uses of chloroform during births, however the debate disappeared and the Royal Seal of approval established chloroform as “one of the best blessings of time” (Ramsay,

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