The Benefits Of Deforestation

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Today, billions of people share this earth and have built up civilization to reach its full potential. The people have made use of the land to build major cities, highways, farming, malls, corporation, etc. Humans are craving to maximize and capitalize on what the land as to offer meanwhile; with great success there is also great loss. This land, before the modern era, was flourished with countless amounts of full, healthy forests and the species that lived throughout the years. Yet, the forests were in the way of a bigger idea that humans wanted to establish and that is advancement with big business. Deforestation is clearing Earth 's forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land. (National Geo) Then once …show more content…
If this problem is not cared about, the environment will then be effected negatively. First, the millions of species have lost their habitats because seventy percent of Earth’s land species live within the forest. (NG) With the rapid rate of deforestation these organisms cannot survive efficiently without their natural habitat; leading the species to make their homes in an unfamiliar environment. Deforestation is a strong correlation to the climate change. Originally the forest soils are moist, so once the trees are removed from the area the soil dries out from the lack of shade the trees once provided. (NG) Therefore, the land is losing the moisture and may quickly become all desert. This also leads to extreme temperature swings that are harmful to the plants and animals. Finally, trees contribute to the fight against greenhouse gases by absorbing some of the chemicals. As mentioned in the National Geographic, “Fewer forests means larger amounts of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere—and increased speed and severity of global warming” (NG). This kind of harm is detrimental to the life on earth and needs to be addressed as a major concern to the people that can make a change to end this

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