The Revenant Film Analysis

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The Revenant is about facing the struggles of a new world and being able to endure the harsh cold winter while surviving unbelievable hardships. The movie is based on a true story and portrays how truly tough it was to survive in the vast uninhabited areas of North America in 1823. The directors and actors had a tough job of following the storyline while dealing with the elements and ensuring the action packed scenes where realistic. The Revenant is a superb and intense action seeking thriller because of the brilliant storyline, talented actors, and realistic costumes and props.
The Revenant being based off a true story has everything to do with the story line and its twist and turns. The movie takes place in the South Dakota and Montana
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The main character, Hugh Glass was perfectly cast. He is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Although this is not the usual type of role, DiCaprio gives an anchoring performance of ferocious 200% commitment (Chang, 1). In order for DiCaprio to act in this movie, he had to put in months of hard work and he did whatever it took to accurately portray Hugh Glass. He had to put himself through the harsh conditions and environment that Hugh Glass would have experienced. An example is the scene where DiCaprio is seen in the river with rapids and fast rushing water. This is actually DiCaprio in the scene and the water is freezing cold.
Although Leonardo DiCaprio has the most name recognition of all the actors in this film, there are many actors who showed off their brilliant acting skills. Tom Hardy plays John Fitzgerald, the man who kills Glass’s son and leaves him for dead in the brutal wilderness.
Hardy is able to accurately depict the cold and uncaring characteristics of Fitzgerald. Also, Will Poulter plays Jim Bridger. Jim Bridger is the young man who is with Fitzgerald when they leave Glass for dead. Bridger does not want to leave Glass but Fitzgerald scares and threatens him. Poulter makes viewers believe in his naivety and how easy it is to control another human being. These actors make the movie come to life and make the audience feel as they have just stepped back in

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