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  • Center Of Earth

    How do scientists known what the center of the earth is? There 4 ways how scientist found out about the center of the earth ( aka inner core and outer core). Answer 1: Geologists hypothesize that the Earth's center is composed of predominantly iron. The outer portion of the center, known as the "outer core", is thought to be liquid iron. While the interior portion of the center, known as the "inner core" is thought to be solid iron. Answer 2: The main evidence for the structure of the Earth comes from studying waves generated during an earthquake. When stress builds up and rocks at depth break, then elastic waves, just like sound waves are sent from the point of rupture. These waves speed out and move through the earth. When we put seismometers…

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  • Old Earth Creationism: The Original Creation Of The Earth

    this essay is the Original Creation of the Earth. In this essay, I will discuss, compare and contrast the viewpoints of the Nebular Hypothesis vs. the six-day creation from the Old-Earth Secular View and Young-Earth Secular View. The Young Earth creationist believes that the Earth was created in the six-day creation and the old earth creationist believes that the Earth was created billions of years ago during the time of evolution of the Solar System. It’s really all about what one believes.…

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  • Sasselov Super Earth

    In the book “The life of super earth”, Dimitar Sasselov, one of the expert astronomer discusses some of the major findings on investigations of the universe. Much of the research relates to investigations in the laboratory relating to synthetic biology and how it can lead to better understanding of alien life in other planets outside the solar system. The most interesting idea is Sasselov’s claim that super-earths have better chances of harboring life than earth-sized planets. Personally, I have…

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  • The Importance Of Earth Depopulation

    Wow did you know that earth is depopulating in seconds because of deadly toxins and trash you helped spread. Every time you throw a piece of trash out of your car window or your hotel room that adds up and defeats the purpose of life and health. Cleaning earth will allow us to live a healthier life not forgetting a longer one as well. Plus it will also let Earth's existance last longer according to scientists ! WE need to stand up…

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  • Mother Earth Satire

    Earth is the number one provider for all life. It provides many resources that are essential and luxurious for life. Due to the large humans have, they are the number one species that use the resources that the earth provides. However, it is very devastating to know that many people are living unsustainably and wasting many natural resources and destroying the vital thing that keeps them alive… Mother Earth. This piece of satire criticizes the unsustainable usage of resources and a few other…

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  • The Four Spheres Of Earth

    of Earth Before we can learn of the compositional layers and mechanical layers of the interiors of earth, we need to know some basic concept of the four spheres. As we may know the four spheres responsible for life on earth: lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; and their interaction with each other is called Geosphere (Fig. 1.). Another sphere that isn’t included among the rest for its different property is Pedosphere. Pedosphere is basically the interaction between the…

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  • The Flat Earth Theory

    In the 7th century B.C. everyone knew that the earth was flat and they had no reason to think otherwise until “great” thinkers like Pythagoras stated otherwise. Today we know that the earth is round, but, how do we really know? An everyday human being has not been to the moon, has not even been outside of the stratosphere. So how can one say for sure that the earth is a spinning ball? Starting in the 19th century people started to ask these exact questions which lead to Zetetic Astronomy or…

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  • Hollow Earth Myths

    the Earth, looking for extraterrestrials. The mystery of Hollow Earth is where the Earth is made up of a hollow shell with mystical creatures living inside, some stories suggest this world is where UFOs come from. Theories about the Earth’s core are ever changing, and while there is no concrete proof about what is hidden beneath the ground with such a world existing, many theories have passed along through the generations such as, the inner Earth being a spiritual place for the dead, Earth is…

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  • Middle Earth

    For a long time, the World of Middle-Earth, created by J. R. R. Tolkien, was described as a true work of art. Tolkien is one of the first authors to ever create an entire fantasy just for the sake of his books. That shows his dedication to his passion of writing. And it paid off in the end. Tolkien is considered by many as one of the best, if not the best, authors of all time. He created new names, new places, and much more. Tolkien was very dedicated to his passion. He spent so much item ad…

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  • Young Earth Creationism Essay

    Young Earth Creationism is a theory that states that the universe, including Earth, is 6000-12000 years old and was created in six literal days (Mortenson, 2011). One of the main arguments for this theory is that there are many naturally occurring phenomena in the universe which show that YEC is the only viable theory. This argument was proposed by Dr. Russell Humphreys, an expert in YEC. One of these phenomena includes the spiral shape of the known galaxies. Humphreys suggests that the spiral…

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