East Riding of Yorkshire

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    north Yorkshire within the UK, A large majority of the Yorkshire dales was created in 1954 through the north Yorkshire national trust, and include habitats ranging from upland heathers and Calaminarian/Calcareous grassland to Lowland ferns and native woodland, and much more. The Yorkshire dales also have a large biodiversity with a variety of different species. The Yorkshire dales also contain unique geographical and geological features, formed largely by glaciers, during the Pleistocene period around 66 million years ago (British geological survey). These glaciers, along with weathering, carved out the limestone, sandstone and shale and created the hill, crags valleys and lakes that are there today. Today around 60,000 people live in the Yorkshire dales, a large majority of the population live in secluded villages and towns, and many of the local economies still depend on farming and agriculture. Flooding is one of the major threats facing environments, economies and the general population of the UK. The 2017 UK Climate Change Risk Assessment shows that with just an increase of 2⁰c will result in a 5-20% increase in river flows during ‘wet’ periods (the winter months) and an increase of 4⁰c could result in irreversible impacts, such large areas of the UK turning into “blanket bogs”. These impacts of global warming will affect the United Kingdom as a whole dramatically, however within the Yorkshire dales, such will have unique consequences. The region of North Yorkshire still…

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    William Wilberforce was born in England on August 24th, 1759. He was born in a house on the High Street of Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire and died on July 29th, 1833 at the age of seventy-three. But between these years, he lived a highly influential life – insofar as he determinedly pursued altruistic ends. In particular, he is remembered for his active participation in outlawing the slave trade. In 1789, he spoke in the House of Commons, whereby he contended that slavery was an injustice…

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