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  • My Definitions

    1. “In other words, belief is when someone thinks something is reality, true, when they have no absolute verified foundation for their certainty of the truth or realness of something” - Wikipedia. Is there really a god or is it just another fictional character that we are instilled to believe in like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny. Why is it that we are told there is only one god but other countries can believe in more then one? I can say that, I am not a true believer of god but I do believe that there is a higher being. Over the past twenty-seven years, I was never brought up as a spiritual child. My parents would never bring me to church on Sundays, nor did I have to read scriptures about the lord. However, that did not exclude me from going to church, believing in a higher being, and believing in life after death. 2. For instance, there was no time in my life that I was really into reading scriptures, or even interested, until I reached the age 17. One…

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  • Childhood Traditional Myths Should Not Be Abolished

    the earliest ways to develop this excitement is talking about the Tooth Fairy’s role in rewarding kids for bravely experiencing natural tooth loss.”(Johnson) Traditions are what makes memories the most sweet. If these myths were abolished, many families wouldn’t have anything to celebrate, and life would be dull and the same. These childhood myths add spice to the everyday life, and they tie families closer. Childhood myths and traditions teach children the power of belief. According to expert…

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  • Attack Of The Bunnais: A Short Story

    class waiting for the end of school. Richard’s classroom it was an ugly shade of yellow, and his classroom was as messy as the zoo. The shade of yellow is as ugly as barf. The bell rang “RING RING!” and Richard ran out the door and back home. Richard’s heart is as cold as stone, but nice to the teachers. Richard lived in California, Dora-Land, and he lived with his parents, Dora, and Diego. The goddess of this planet is May, she was very fond of bunnies that was her sacred animal, so they…

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  • Santa's Angels By Bearnaise En Scene

    Have you ever been to the Gaslight Melodrama? If you have, you know how good their performances can be; but if not, you are missing out on a great show! The play “Santa’s Angels,” written and directed by Michael Prince, began with Father Time and his assistant, Bearnaise, talking about how they should speed up time to stop Santa from delivering all the presents on Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning. This is caused by the small feud between Father Time and Santa. As the story continues, Santa…

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  • Persuasive Essay On How To Keep Bunnies

    Even though Easter was a few weeks ago, there are plenty of rabbits at your local shelter waiting to find their forever homes. People think rabbits are cute and make the perfect Easter gift, but don’t realize they take just as much work as any other pet. Thinking about adding to your family? Here are some things you should know about bunnies before you adopt. One: they’re very energetic. You can’t just keep bunnies in a cage all day long. If they’re in a confined space for too long, they’ll get…

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  • JD8 Argumentative Essay

    After reading all of the descriptions of JD8, his activities and looking at the pictures I can completely understand why the author of the website would be mad. Unfortunately, I can relate too well to this situation, given that I grew up in a very nice cookie-cutter neighborhood – except that there was this one old lady who loved to decorate the front yard of her house. By decorate I mean completely go all out for every single holiday… Holidays I didn’t even know existed. She would put multiple…

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  • College Admissions Essay-If Life Were Different

    Every birthday that comes around my parents, both sets of grandparents, and my great grandmother all get together to celebrate. We go to dinner first, then we eat cake and ice cream, followed by opening presents. Every Christmas we open some Christmas presents early in the morning and then eat cinnamon buns for breakfast. We typically rotate between grandparents on who we celebrate with on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day. Also, on every Easter we had made sure to paint eggs the night before…

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  • Norman Rockwell's Art Analysis

    shock. The face of the child in this painting perfectly captures this disbelief. That is the face of a child who had been tricked for so many years into believing in Santa Claus. The child holds the costume in his hands after he had gone through his parent’s drawers. The child was probably told that Santa Claus wasn’t real by a fellow classmate and so sparked his need to investigate. Little did he know that he would make a discovery that his parent’s were deceiving him. You can just imagine the…

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  • Creative Writing: The Red Couch

    You could either A) Leave and Find something then come back with it or B) See what Tim's up to right now. Pondering over which option you wanted to consider, you went with option B and got, leaving the forsaken, shiny couch. You knew exactly where Tim's room, due to that you got lost several times you visited, luckily you got it down and now you could travel freely without getting lost in the house. As, however, you turned the corner, you noticed a herd of bunnies…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Hop And Gay Easter Bunny

    Hop (2011) and Gay Easter Bunnies, The Future Liberals Want? There are several societal discourses surrounding holidays and their figures. Was Jesus, a man born in a predominantly non-white area, white? Is Santa, a completely fictional character, allowed to be played by a black man? While those are things I could weigh in on, I’d like to introduce a new one. Based on the movie Hop (2011), I propose that the current Easter Bunnies are gay. Hop (2011) is a movie about a guy named Fred and how he…

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