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  • Gender Inequality In Art Analysis

    The question of whether gender is still an issue in contemporary arts is still a huge issue. Gender inequality and sexism is still a controversial issue in contemporary art. During the nineteenth century in relations to gender, there were very strong and persuasive perceptions of how men and women should conduct themselves. Men and women were expected to fill separate spheres of society. However, after enough women stood in protests, and attended political speeches, women began taking on serious roles, and many impactful women’s rights movements began to take place. The movements brought together many leading figures of the 19th-century women’s rights movements, some including, Sojourner Truth. It made a drastic change which led to an extensive reexamination of the relationships…

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  • The New Sun Conference Analysis

    truths that do not directly affect your own experience, but this conference shone a light on those truths. Alethea Arnquq-Baril’s presentation her passion for storytelling through film was very interesting. As an art historian, I couldn’t help but be reminded of art historic definitions of modernity and it’s the problematic idea of primitivism that was inherent in it. I was reminded of this because Arnaquq-Baril’s work reminded me of the notion of salvage anthropology in the 20th century.…

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  • Berlin Wall Political Activism

    I will present my research findings on the Berlin Wall, political activism expressed through graffiti in 1961 compared to graffiti during the 2008 presidential election. This paper will cover a brief history of the Berlin Wall and its intended social and political purpose. I will show how expression through art can change political space and majority opinion. I will conclude that the use of activist art in public space greatly affected the outcome of specific political events. The Berlin Wall…

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  • Truman's Contribution To The Cold War

    Throughout history, it has been shown how political systems around the world differ from country to country. With that comes their own way of living, thinking and growing as a nation. How a country is shaped depends greatly on its views of absolute monarchy, Democracy, Communism, and fascism, which are only some systems helping to shape the nations we know today. All these political systems are formed in each region according on the needs of people, exposure they have, and their type of…

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  • How Did The Cold War Influence The Economy

    The world in the first half of the 19th century was largely dominated by multiple states in different regions around the world. Effectively, the distribution of power between these numerous states in the world initiated and sparked what became to be known as World War I and World War II. Shortly after the Second World War, the allocation of power in countries around the world became smaller and smaller as many states that were originally in the spotlight of the world faded into irrelevance. The…

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  • Creative Writing: The Gray Concrete-Block Home

    Volunteering for the Creative Time Summit allowed me to participate in the production of a large scale, multi-day conference that connects the arts with social justice. Attendee’s included Innovative artists, activists, writers, and curators. As the Junior Producer and Gallery Coordinator at the creative communication agency Exposure, I was responsible for all the in-house exhibition logistics and assisted with the production of on-site and off-site creative projects, photo-shoots, and…

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  • Works Progress Association Analysis

    counterparts with their long and rich history full of art and literature, Americans felt that their country was inferior and provincial. A call to restore the American pride rose from the ranks of writers and artists, demanding the creation of a new history of the United States, one that would provide a worthy foundation of people, places, and events for American artists to draw inspiration from. They responded enthusiastically, excited to shake off the chains of worldly influence and forge…

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  • Apollo The Python Slayer Analysis

    In 2004, the Cleveland Museum of Art purchased Apollo the Python-Slayer (figure one) which they believe to be the only surviving piece from the Greek sculptor Praxiteles. After the purchase, questions arose regarding the authenticity of the museum’s claims as well as the murky history of how this piece was procured and how it was found in Germany in the 1980’s. Scholars agree that Apollo is ancient, but are irresolute of the label the sculpture should don. Two arguments sprung from the display…

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  • Shahzia Sikander Analysis

    Contemporary art is often defined as the work of artists that are living in the period of the 21st century. This specific type of at often mirrors the culture and society and provides a vast resource that allows for contemplation of current social ideas as well as a new way to view familiar ideas. The works of art that are often created by contemporary artists represent a dynamic combination of various types of subjects, methods, concepts, and different materials. The use of these ideals often…

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  • Wu Guanzhong Analysis

    through a combination of western and eastern aesthetics. In general, western art focuses on objective and established facts. However, eastern art pays more attention to mood. Wu shows both aspects in his work. Furthermore, Wu explored how to make oil paintings fit Chinese nationalization and the modernization of Chinese Painting. To answer these two questions, Wu created a unique style of painting, which used dots, lines and planes to create his artistic voice. Abstract Expressionism,…

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