Eastern Catholic Churches

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  • Western Church Schism Analysis

    In the Late Middle Ages, Europe was plagued with corruption on a large scale. The Catholic Church was suffering in a state of uncertainty and lack of a strong foundation and person of authority. The Great Schism of 1054 greatly affected Europe and the rest of the modern world. This great rift between the Eastern and Western Churches caused the rapid development of each side in different ways. What were the effects of this schism on the Eastern part of Europe? The Eastern Catholic Church refers to the Eastern Christian culture, traditions and the churches which developed on the Eastern side of the Great Schism of 1054. Romania, Greece, Serbia,Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, the Balkans, Armenia, the Middle East, Asia Minor, Northeastern Africa…

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  • Eastern Church Vs Western Church Essay

    The Eastern church was founded by when the great schism happened. They had many beliefs. Before they split, the people had an argument whether Jesus was fully human, or fully divine. A group of bishops made the Nicene Creed to state that Jesus was both fully human and divine. The Eastern Orthodox didn’t believe in icons. They thought it was against the bible, and do not support it. The emperor is the head of the church, while the patriarchs handled day to day affairs. The emperor had the power…

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  • Field Observation Report Sample

    Visiting St. Paul’s Parish Princeton For this field observation project, I chose to attend the 5pm Sunday service at St. Paul’s Parish in Princeton. Growing up in the Pentecostal tradition, I have become at home in free worship and contemporary liturgy. Most of the church’s I’ve attended in the past had many informal elements in their liturgy, designed to make new-comers feel a little less awkward and part of the church family. As a new Methodist, I have found many Methodist churches…

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  • Priestly Celibacy Analysis

    Priestly Celibacy Certainly, celibacy, as a disciplinary norm of the Roman Catholic Church, is often subject to scrutiny and analysis in the modern age. It is due to the differences that occur within our communities and the divisions. These differences and divisions are often caused by the disapproval of some of those who have freely embraced the so-called priestly ministry in our Church. However, most of the time the ecclesiastical practice of priestly celibacy is not discussed under the right…

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  • Why Is Church History Important?

    handle the issue of sin simultaneously. Men and women who struggle with sin are not welcomed in our buildings because their sin looks different than ours. How or will we ever be able to overcome this without compromising our beliefs? After reading Noll’s book, The Work We Have To Do, we can see that our Church needs more heroes of the faith such as Daniel Payne. Payne lived through a time where the Church was attempting to overcome the sin of racism. Just after the Civil War had been fought,…

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  • The Discipline Of Fasting In The Catholic Church

    Fasting in the Catholic Faith doesn’t appear to be one of choice but one of obeying the rules or Law. “The rules for fasting and abstinence in the Catholic Church are set forth in the Code of Canon Law (for the Roman Catholic Church) and in the Code of Oriental Churches (for the Eastern Catholic Church). The Canon Law that the followers of the Catholic Faith are to follow in relation to fasting are Canons 1250-1252. There are several laws that the Catholic need to adhere to in regards to…

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  • Ministry: The Philosophy Of Doing Pastoral Ministry

    Philosophy Of Doing Pastoral Ministry Church Revitalization Church Revitalization is the process of renewing the passion and desire of a stagnate or declining church to grow. True revitalization can only be achieved through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is best to make modifications and/or changes that are led by the Lord. Revitalization can be achieved by introducing a sense of urgency to a congregation. It should be noted that revitalization is a process not a program; therefore…

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  • The Hidden Lives Of Manuscriptss By Ronald W. Galinels

    Though family for one church might hold a different perspective in comparison to another church, at the same time, Galindo mentions that churches like to pay attention to what the culture around them, in other churches is. (16) This is to encourage a feeling that is deprived of any threat. I am reminded of my Field Site, the Evanston Vineyard Church which is a non-denominational church. This church focuses on hospitality, welcome, pastoral care, hospital visits, small groups, prayer teams,…

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  • Symbolism In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    In chapter 18 of How to Read Literature Like a Professor the main idea is how drowning is symbolic of baptism. In Morrison’s Song of Solomon, Milkman gets wet three times, an allusion to the form of Christian baptism in which the person is submerged three times in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. But it is not always baptism, it can mean something different like in Africa, drowning is associated with the Middle Passage. The Middle Passage is the mysterious, treacherous, and a…

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  • How Did The Western Culture Affect The Union Between East And West

    thousands of years ago with the rise of the Greek city-state, influenced by Middle Eastern culture. EAST East (Latin orens, oriri participle: appear birth) is the name of the direction from which the sun (and other stars) minted in antiquity, namely the East rises. By extension, it refers to those regions that are east of the benchmark. In the "Western" culture he was given this name to Asia. Middle East, Middle East and Far East: Conventionally are three parts. HISTORY AS HISTORY AND ECONOMY…

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