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  • The Gospel Of John

    The Gospel of John Introduction The Gospel of John is arguably legacy of john ministry. “Highlighting intimacy in a way we had not seen Jesus reveled in prior gospels.” The literature, both profound and conveying really can be quite confusing at times. Even with this, the gospel was given a high place of honor. The following is a study to dissect the inside of many scholars trying to unravel the gospel that is been filled with intimacy and expression. The analysis of The Gospel of John's text possesses a lot of spiritual significance that one should grasp when truly devoting themselves to the Christian faith. Which not only is important to do as a believer, but as well as anyone who comes across this narrative. Exploring the text, and commentaries…

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  • The Gospel Of John Essay

    NIV Study Bible, p.1756), the purpose of The Gospel of John is clearly stated by its author (presumed to be the apostle John) - “But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name” (John 20:31). John’s Gospel differs from the Synoptics in form and perspective - but not, of course, in the basic storyline. He is born as prophesied, to much fanfare. John opens with echoing back to Genesis- “In the beginning…” and…

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  • Essay On The Gospel Of John

    John’s Gospel is set out to prove that Jesus Christ is God. God came in human flesh as Jesus Christ to show His people His great works through miracles and teachings. During Jesus’ time on this earth, He used the claim “I AM” to describe himself throughout all His teachings. The Gospel of John shows at least eight different times Jesus says this. Seven of these claims were accompanied by signs to back up His words. This paper is going to discuss one of these “I AM” statements, “I am the…

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  • The Gospel Of John Summary

    study there have been several intriguing characters and events. However, none seem to fascinate and catch my attention more than the letters of John. For some, John is just another view, another angle, and another account to confirm the identity, life, and teachings of our Lord and Savior. But to me, the author’s encounter and testimony gives the upmost credibility and validity for our purpose, our reason for existence, and most importantly, how and why we should live. Thesis:…

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  • Gospel Of John Analysis

    things a little bit differently than others. If you were reading the Bible piece by piece, or each book individually, you may not get the full understanding or background of what was happening in that time. An example of what can be misinterpreted is in the Gospel of John when he is referring to the “Word”. When some discuss the Bible they talk about the word as the scripture, but these are two very different things. Scripture in itself are the words written by God, but the “Word” spoken of in…

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  • What Happened Before The Gospel Of John

    The Gospel of John is one of the important synoptic books that has series of events that later culminate with the Raising of Lazarus. After that, there came the death and resurrection of Jesus. Having a wider description of the working of Jesus, forms the significant part of the Gospel hence, the need to understand more about its contents. There are different dates related to the gospel of John citing various arguments and pieces of evidence that individuals stand for while discussing the…

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  • Gospel Of John

    John (The Gospel): In this particular book which is one of the four Gospels and is called the called the Gospel of John is known to be that of a what is recognized as what we would call or know as a narrative literary genre (Smith, 2016). According to our text, “The Author of this book is John and he is known at the “the beloved disciple” and the people that were receiving this were the Greek-speaking Jews that were living outside of the city of Israel. The Gospel of John was recorded or told…

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  • The True Son Of God In The Gospel Of John

    In the Gospel of John, Jesus is shown performing miraculous deeds to prove to the Jewish people that he was the true son of God. John uses an eye-witness testimony to prove that Jesus was the true light sent down by God. The Gospel of John reveals that Jesus is the only son of God when Jesus prayed and said, “Now this is eternal life, that they should know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ” (JN 17:3, NABRE). John showed Jesus trying to convince non-believers through…

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  • Analysis Of The Gospel Of Luke And John

    Paper Having to challenge traditional beliefs has been a thought a provoking process, since I was told from an early age that everything inscribed in the Bible was deemed historically accurate. But as time prolongs, and since it makes sense, it has been easier to accept. The information I acquire continues to question faith and facts. My knowledge of the Bible, continues to invigorate every day. Towards the end of the Semester, we began analyzing and studying in depth the Gospel of…

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  • Analysis Of The Gospel Of John

    The Gospel of John is one of the four Gospels written to tell the story of Jesus’ life. Just as Matthew, Mark, and Luke have given their accounts of Jesus’ miracles so has John. Though these accounts may have their own way of telling what is important to them, the main fact is that these Gospels were recorded so that we may learn more of the word of God. “In order to understand John’s approach to the story of Jesus, the reader must recognize the centrality of the incarnation of the Gospel”…

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