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  • Importance Of The Gospel

    particular way, another culture might serve Him in other ways according to their values and virtues. For this reason, Christians must contextualize the gospel explaining it in relevant ways to those to whom they seek to minister. They must realize Christ works in all cultures and seek to communicate the hope they have in a way that displays the significance of Christ 's death and resurrection. While it may seem appealing to convey the gospel in an ethnocentric way based on one 's own culture this often fails to attract others. Dean Flemming in his book Contextualization in the New Testament examines the ways in which Paul contextualized his message to his followers and states, "Paul 's letters, however, are not the gospel as such; rather they bear witness to the gospel and reflect upon it in light of the contingent circumstances of the mission field" (Flemming 104). Flemming explains that Paul evaluates the circumstances of the mission field to which he ministers and contextualizes the gospel to meet the needs of the local people. Christians must spend time examining the culture and immersing themselves in the ways of the people while patiently observing. This process can reveal to a missionary the world view that underlies the traditions and behavior of the people group and once this world view is discovered, one can cater the gospel message to…

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  • The Second Gospel: The Gospel Of Mark

    Exegetical Paper Many people view wealth as the solution to all of their problems, but in the gospel of Mark, Jesus takes another side. He calls his followers to give up all their earthly possessions and be fully dependent on him. This is a picture of our dependence on God for our eternal destiny. Jesus calls christians to a radical, sacrificial life in Mark 10:21. The second gospel, the Gospel of Mark, was written by the apostle Mark. He wrote this book primarily based off the teachings of…

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  • The Gospel And The Sin Nature: The Gospel And Sin Nature

    We have studied many different topics, however the two topics that resonated with me were the “Gospel and the Sin Nature.” I was raised with Christian values and coming into this course, I felt I had a good grasp of what these topics meant, but I was mistaken. The topic I chose is about two men and the consequences they suffered as a result of their actions. “Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men unto justification of life. For as by one man’s disobedience many were…

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  • Christian Gospel Essay

    What are some ways the Christian gospel is perceived in our culture? When Jesus was addressing the subject of the Gospel He was clear and direct about it. He said, that it was through Him alone that Salvation would come to humanity. However, denying that he is a divine being diminishes His promises for eternal life. Perhaps, the majority of today’s society has done that when it comes to the Son of God, Jesus. Furthermore, those who believe in a God believe in a loving God, a loving God would…

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  • The Gospel Of Matthew And The Gospel Of Luke

    The Bible has four gospels but, only two of them contain the nativity story. The two gospels that have the nativity story are the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke. Both are similar on a literary level which can be explained by the synoptic problem. The Gospel of Mark and the source “Q” were the basis of these two gospels. Matthew and Luke shared sources but, they had their individual sources too. The genealogy, the nativity, and the childhood of Jesus played significant roles within the…

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  • The Four Gospels: The Gospel Of Luke

    Pick one of the four Gospels and provide an approximate date for when it was written, background on its author, key themes and emphases, and other pertinent information about its purpose and scope, as well as important accounts or aspects that might be unique to it. Be clear in your answer. Ten Points. The Gospel of Luke was written in AD 55-60. The author is Luke himself, who is an apostle of Jesus Christ. Luke is a physician and close friends with Apostle Paul who would often times…

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  • Reflection Of The Synoptic Gospels In The Gospel Of John

    Taken together, these differences result in unique narrative emphases. Probably the most impactful one is how Jesus, known as the proclaimer of good news and deeds in the Synoptic Gospels, often becomes the proclaimed in John. John does this by formulating Jesus’ ministry and words to openly present Jesus as the Messiah. Instead of repeatedly attempting to keep his ministry secret, which is a main theme in Mark, Jesus regularly shows his divinity to his disciples and to the public with the…

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  • The Gospels Essay

    opposition to the Christian Faith try to invalidate Catholicism by claiming that the Gospels are not historically reliable. This accusation is entirely false and can logically be disproven by using the five criteria for judging the historical reliability of documents. Is there eyewitness testimony? Where the documents written within living memory of the events? Do outside, unbiased, sources agree? Do the events relayed in the documents sound ridiculously untrue? And lastly, did the authors…

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  • The King Jesus Gospel Analysis

    In Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel, the questions begged include whether or not Jesus preached the gospel, whether the gospel Paul preached is the same gospel Jesus preached, and whether the gospel we as Christians currently preach are the same, or even close to, the gospel Paul and Jesus preached. McKnight begins the readers’ journey through the gospel by introducing what the gospel actually is. The apostolic gospel is defined as an expansion of 1 Corinthians 15, where Paul “quote[s]…

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  • The Importance Of Gospel Beliefs

    of the Christian family. We also will see why having ourselves rooted in that identity gives us both the command to love those outside of that family, and the power to correctly do so. In Pastor Timmothy Keller 's book, the meaning of Marriage, Pastor Keller says "Christian hope turns the church into something far more profound than a club or interest organization. Gospel beliefs and experience creates a bond between Christians that is stronger than any other connection,…

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