Gospel of Luke

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  • The Gospel Of Luke

    The Gospel of Luke was written in the mid-80’s AD in Corinth. It is the longest of the 4 gospels in the bible, and was possibly written by a woman who attributed it to Luke. Gospels are formed in three main stages. The first stage of the gospel development is the life and teachings of Jesus as he travelled through the country speaking, teaching, performing miracles and healing, which happened in the late 20’s AD. The second stage is about the post-resurrectional teachings by the apostles, and the Church's practices that grew out of preaching, such as the Eucharist. During these two stages of gospel formation, the gospels were orally transmitted through preaching. Stage three of the formation started when the disciples began to realise that Jesus may not come back in their lifetime, so they needed to preserve the stories, so the third stage is the actual writing and then editing of the gospels. At this point the transmission of the Gospel was through reading as well. Luke wrote this part with Gentile Christians as his audience- the reason for…

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  • The Gospel Of Matthew And The Gospel Of Luke

    The Bible has four gospels but, only two of them contain the nativity story. The two gospels that have the nativity story are the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke. Both are similar on a literary level which can be explained by the synoptic problem. The Gospel of Mark and the source “Q” were the basis of these two gospels. Matthew and Luke shared sources but, they had their individual sources too. The genealogy, the nativity, and the childhood of Jesus played significant roles within the…

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  • The Gospels Of Matthew And Luke

    Jesus said, “The kingdom of the Father is like a woman. She took a little bit of yeast. She hid it in dough and made it into huge loaves of bread.” Question: A saying of Jesus similar to this one appears in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, but in two different narrative settings. Assuming that this saying originated in the life of Jesus, how might someone explain its journey from Jesus himself to the Gospels of Thomas, Matthew, and Luke, with reference to oral tradition, "Q," and the Two-Source…

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  • Gospel Of Luke Analysis

    Pick one of the four Gospels and provide an approximate date for when it was written, background on its author, key themes and emphases, and other pertinent information about its purpose and scope, as well as important accounts or aspects that might be unique to it. Be clear in your answer. Ten Points. The Gospel of Luke was written in AD 55-60. The author is Luke himself, who is an apostle of Jesus Christ. Luke is a physician and close friends with Apostle Paul who would often times…

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  • The Gospel Of Luke Analysis

    The Broader Context: The Gospel of Luke In order to best understand how to properly interpret Luke 16:1-13, it is best to first read the passage in light of its surrounding context—the entire book of Luke. In his introduction, Luke clearly states his purpose in writing this gospel: “so that you may know the exact truth about the things you have been taught,” (Luke 1:4). This is Luke 's purpose statement, but what is the truth the Luke is trying to demonstrate? The main theme Luke wants to…

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  • Gospel Of Luke Essay

    The Gospel of Luke and Jesus in Our Lives Today The Gospel of Luke shows significant relevance to all aspects of our daily Christian lives whilst successfully reinforcing the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ. Through Luke’s Gospel, we can encounter Jesus firsthand and understand his teachings in depth in order to extensively implement them to live a God-fearing life and inspire others to do the same. Jesus is the bringer of salvation, good news and the Kingdom of God. He was the first to…

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  • Comparing Joseph And Mary In The Gospel Of Luke

    There are many stories from the gospel of Luke that surprised me. One of the stories that stood out to me most was the story of Joseph and Mary. It is crazy to think how much trust Mary had for God’s plan. She was willing to do what he wanted her to do with little hesitation. One reason it stood out to me was because it should how faithful someone can be even at a young age. Often times, I find myself justifying my poor decisions on my age, such as not attending church regularly. Yet, Mary was…

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  • Essay On The Relationship Between The Gospel Of Luke And Acts

    MRS 325: The relationship between the Gospel of Luke and Acts The Gospel According to Luke as well as the Acts of the Apostles collectively make up 27 percent of the information of the whole New Testament. These two works were authored by Luke, a Gentile believer (Colossians 4:10-14). Seeing that he just authored these two books, which his writings constitute over one fourth of the New Testament writings (making Luke the greatest possible author), the study of the content and message is quite…

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  • Reflection On The Gospel Of Luke For Everyone

    The Gospel of Luke for Everyone Reflection Paper In the book The Gospel of Luke for Everyone by N.T. Wright there are multiple themes coming through throughout the passages in his teachings on the book of Luke from the New Testament. N. T. Wright writes about Luke speaking on love, healing, prayer, faith, traveling, and following without question. Travelling in obedience to God’s call is one of Luke’s central pictures for what it means to be Christian (Wright, p.117). The major theme that is…

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  • Gospel Of Luke And John Summary

    INTRODUCTION The Gospel of Luke and John were written respectively by two of Jesus Christ’s followers. John was a fisherman, chosen by Jesus to become a part of his close circle of followers the disciples. Luke, on the other hand, was a physician by profession that did not know Jesus personally, but gained his insight from speaking with those that had firsthand knowledge of Jesus. They each present the accounts of Jesus’ life with their own individual perspective, thereby giving the reader a…

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