Gospel of Thomas

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  • Gospel Of Thomas Gnosticism

    Discuss Thomas Gnosticism. What did it mean to be a Thomas Christian? How was that different from Johannine or Pauline Christianity ? Include a broad description of the Gospel of Thomas, the Book of Thomas the Contender, and the Acts of Thomas , pointing to their similarity and differences Gospel of Thomas According to class lecture notes on November 17th 2016 , The Gospel of Thomas can be set during the early part of the 2nd century . It seems that the Gospel of Thomas was an contemporary with the Gospel of John 1 However according to Richard Valantasis in his book The Gospel of Thomas., states that placing a date on the Gospel…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between The Gospels Of Mark And Thomas

    Even though the Gospels of Mark and Thomas were written in different times of Christianity, Jesus is still portrayed in both. The Gospels’ various depictions of Jesus’s roles and representations emphasizes how it important to examine differences in society as history brings upon new knowledge and acceptance of Christianity and Jesus’s part in it.. As just a few hundred years elapse, one sees the differences and similarities between the roles of Jesus written in the Gospels of Mark and Thomas.…

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  • Commentary On The Movie 'Risen'

    I had the opportunity to watch the movie “Risen” during Fall Break for extra credit. The movie is about a Roman military guard named Clavius who remains set in his ways after serving in the army. He arrives at a crossroad when he 's tasked is to investigate the mystery of what happened to Jesus following the aftermath of the Crucifixion. Throughout his journey, Clavius discovers the truth that he 's been seeking. It was a very interesting movie because it was from Clavius’ perspective and it…

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  • John 14: The Farewell Discourse

    particular. The Farewell Discourse follows a basic pattern, as it was a recognizable genre at this point in history. The formula follows as thus: recollection/review of past  instruction moving forward  look forward to a hopeful future. In addition, this chapter lives on in infamy for offering one of the most misunderstood concepts stemming from this gospel: the trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Helper are all present characters in this section, but we must allow ourselves to read the…

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  • Analysis Of Luke's Image Of A Young Jesus

    In this text, Mary and Joseph accidentally leave Jesus behind at the temple when they are traveling home from Jerusalem. Once they find Jesus, he asks them why they were surprised that he had stayed at the temple, which is described in the text as “my Father’s house.” This text is the only story of Jesus’ childhood in any of the canonical Gospels. Only Luke found it necessary to include this image of Jesus. Other gospels, like the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, depict Jesus as a child, but these…

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  • Personal Narrative: Christians Should Be Living Witnesses

    ” Those were two sentences I heard on the drive to the restaurant with a christian family friend. This family friend seemed to genuinely care about the lost people of this world, and more importantly the condition of their salvation. Or at least I thought so. Upon arriving to the restaurant, just as we were beginning to eat, a “gay looking” man simply minding his own business passed by our table to join his friends. Immediately once he left ear shot, my family friend began ridiculing the man and…

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  • Prosperity Gospel Teaching Essay

    Different people interrupt the gospel differently. There is a small group of pastor who believe in prosperity gospel teaching. This is the idea where if you donate money to the church, God will reward you later with good fortune. This idea sound great. However certain people have had negative situation with this belief. One person gives money to the church instead of buying her medication and ultimately lost her life. The lists on similar situation happen daily. Some may be thinking does…

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  • Personal Narrative: The White Hat

    at Mission for 2.5 years. The current Pastor, Joel Thomas, is not teaching straight from the Bible and is not clear on his teachings. He also focuses too much on grace. My family is contemplating whether or not to stay at Mission. I will be using the White Hat, Black Hat, and the Yellow Hat to compare Mountain View Church and Rock Point Church. “The White Hat is concerned with objective facts and figures.” (De Bono 31) By using the White Hat, I will be comparing Mountain View Church and…

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  • Babylonian Religion

    There is still a world full of people that need to hear the Gospel of Christ. However, through the passage of time the religion known as Islam has become a predominant religion controlling the spread of the Gospel over many boarders. Unfortunately if Islam is not the issue then communism is as it controls many countries. Hinduism is also an issue; it is a very violent religion reminiscent of the Babylonian religions with their morbid gods and sacrificial practices. Because of these reasons today…

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  • Luke's View Of Salvation

    thought they had killed Jesus, he had risen and his power was now operational in all mortal men who believed in him.5 Luke no doubt wanted the Jews to understand that contrary to their thoughts that Peter and John had healed the cripple man using their own power, the healing was actually by the power of Jesus’ name.6 He intended to show them that if anyone believed in the name of Jesus they would be saved through faith and would manifest the same saving power that Jesus had while he was still…

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