Gospel of Matthew

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  • Jewish Influence On The Gospel Of Matthew

    The Jewish Influence on the Gospel of Matthew The evangelist who wrote the gospel of Matthew was most likely a scribe of Jewish-Christian origins. Historical evidence indicates that the work was written during the decade between eighty and ninety Common Era. By drawing on the gospel of Mark and the unknown “Q” source, the author of the gospel creates a different take on the narrative of Jesus’ life. By altering the narrative structure and using Old Testament references the author created the “Jewish-Christian” gospel. This classification is fitting, as the structure and features of the gospel of Matthew create a close link to the Jewish heritage of Jesus Christ, appealing to the Jewish audience in the religiously unstable Israel. This…

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  • A Comparison Of Matthew And Luke's Gospel

    years after the event on purely hypothetical data. There is not one Jesus birth story in the gospels, but two. These gospels include Matthew and Luke, where they state that he was born of the virgin mother, Mary, without a male parent. However, Joseph the carpenter has been considered to be his father. The two gospels are told in profoundly different narrative styles, offering us two different interpretations of history and the individual's role in its creation, two different ways of…

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  • The Gospel According To St. Matthew Analysis

    Paulo Passolini’s heart touching film, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, illustrates the life of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Matthew is considered as one of the important gospels in the bible because it “…contains an extensive account of Jesus’ teachings…”, which helps individuals understand the Christian religion even more precise (“New Testament of the Bible”). Passolini not only was able to capture a visual chronicle of the gospel but also engages his audiences to feel connected to our…

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  • The Role Of Christianity In The Gospel Of Saint Matthew

    In The Gospel of Saint Matthew, the author presents a theme where Jesus gathers the covenant, promise, and teachings from past prophets and remakes them, changing the message and the possible perspective the listeners may have about God. In the document, Matthew notes that Jesus said “[t]hink not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them” (199). Through this passage form The Gospel of Saint Matthew, it can be understood that Jesus…

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  • The Gospel Of Matthew And The Gospel Of Luke

    The Bible has four gospels but, only two of them contain the nativity story. The two gospels that have the nativity story are the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke. Both are similar on a literary level which can be explained by the synoptic problem. The Gospel of Mark and the source “Q” were the basis of these two gospels. Matthew and Luke shared sources but, they had their individual sources too. The genealogy, the nativity, and the childhood of Jesus played significant roles within the…

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  • The Gospel Of Matthew

    When it comes to the Gospel of Matthew, there are very different perspectives when it comes to Jesus. At the time of Matthew writing his gospels, his main focus was on mainly to provide people who were in a sense “like him” to hear the great news when it came to Jesus. One of Matthews main purposes was to be able to provide everyone and anyone who wanted to listen the story of how Jesus lived, died, and then brought back; this is why the Gospel of Matthew is a matter of fact called the Gospel…

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  • The Gospels Of Matthew And Luke

    Jesus said, “The kingdom of the Father is like a woman. She took a little bit of yeast. She hid it in dough and made it into huge loaves of bread.” Question: A saying of Jesus similar to this one appears in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, but in two different narrative settings. Assuming that this saying originated in the life of Jesus, how might someone explain its journey from Jesus himself to the Gospels of Thomas, Matthew, and Luke, with reference to oral tradition, "Q," and the Two-Source…

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  • Synoptic Gospel Of Matthew Essay

    Synoptic Gospel of Matthew The Gospel of Matthew is the first book in the New Testament canon. There are more than 60 quotes of the Old Testament in the Gospel of Matthew, it contains 50% more content than Mark even though it used 80% of Mark’s content. It is believed that Matthew the disciple was also known as Levi, a tax collector. Matthew’s portrayal of Jesus is to establish his royal messianic bloodline, that Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism, and to show Jesus as the Teacher.…

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  • Comparing The Gospels Of Luke And Matthew

    When Jesus was announced as the Messiah, there were so many different views of what he was to accomplish within the culture. Many expect a conquering king, a deliverer from the Roman empire but Jesus actions did not line up with their views. To help the new Christian believer, the writers of Luke and Matthew offer their perspective of what the Messiah and the Kingdom of God represented. In Luke 1:46-55, the evangelist emphasizes the song of Mary, the Magnificat, to detail the mind of Mary, the…

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  • Universalism As Addressed In The Gospels Of Matthew And Luke

    The Gospels of Matthew and Luke have been the topic of conversation and dispute in biblical scholarship throughout the years, because although they are covering the same event the authors present their ideas in different ways. Each author have different styles, vocabulary, theological themes and intentions which vary from gospel to gospel. In this essay, I will establish Jesus’ lineage and significance as exemplified in the Gospel of Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2. In the Gospel of Matthew,…

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