Gough Whitlam

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  • From Little Things Grow Poem Analysis

    for the Gurindji people, led his fellow Gurindji compatriots and walked off their worksite and began a seven year strike. The strike was first assumed to be a strike by the Gurindji people about conditions and pay upon the station but it was quickly realised it was something far more important, Vincent and the Gurindji people wished to be given their land back, including Wave Hill station. In the end, Vincent Lingiari and his people achieved the goal they had set out to achieve after 8 years of strike action. In 1975, prime minister Gough Whitlam handed the land belonging to the Gurindji people back to Vincent Lingiari and his people and the strike led to the Aboriginals Land Right Act passed by the Whitlam government in 1975. Whitlam was quoted as saying this about the handover “On this great day, I, Prime Minister of Australia, speak…

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  • Essay On Communism In Australia

    involvement in the Vietnam War, Labour was remaining tight lipped on the issue. From the infamous speech then Prime Minister Harold Holt gave which notably stated “all the way with LBJ” the Liberal party throughout the Vietnam War never swayed from notion that Australia should and would be involvement in Vietnam, throwing in their full support behind the United States. Where among the Labour party numerous Labour leaders remained cautious about both the policies and the politics of the…

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  • Effects Of The Vietnam War And Its Effects On Migration To Australia

    2,000 Vietnamese-born people in Australia; however, in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, things changed dramatically. In 1958, the Dictation Test was abolished, which saw Australia begin to relax its White Australia Policy. At a debate at the House of Representatives in March 1966, Sir Keith Cameron Wilson (MP) said, “From now on there will not be in any of our laws or in any of our regulations anything that discriminates against migrants on the grounds of colour or race.” This can also be…

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  • Child Care Weaknesses

    later towards government provisions for private and or for-profit commercial child care in the years of the early 1990s (Adamson & Brennan, 2012, p. 261) were a series of market-driven public policies that paved the response for families requiring ECEC as the increased demands for affordable child care in the 44 years following the operation of the Act and it’s legislation, paired with the ‘large scale involvement’ (Bowes, et al., 2012, p. 238) by the Australian Commonwealth Government. Although…

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  • Vietnam War Media Coverage

    “More than ever before TV showed the terrible human suffering and sacrifice of war.” (Australia and the Vietnam war, 2007) This statement made by Richard Nixon highlights the impact of media coverage of the war on Australians. Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam war between the years of 1962-1972 was a very polarising issue in Australia’s history. In the early stages of war, there seemed to be a lack of interest among the public, however, this disinterest turned into growing opposition and…

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  • Why Is Australia So Powerful

    The 9th Prime Minister was James Scullin. The 10th Prime Minister was Joseph Lyons. The 11th Prime Minister was Sir Earle Page. The 12th Prime Minister was Robert Menzies. The 13th prime minister was Arthur Fadden. The 14th Prime Minister was John Curtin. The 15th Prime Minister was Frank Forde. The 16th Prime Minister was Ben Chifley. The 17th Prime Minister was Harold Holt. The 18th Prime Minister was John McEwen. The 19th Prime Minister was John Gorton. The 20th Prime Minister was William…

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  • Australia Day 1972: The Aboriginal Rights Movement

    The erection of the embassy “played a huge role in the introduction of Aboriginal land rights and the struggle to end racial discrimination in [the] country” (Creative Spirits, 2017). After the embassy was established the treatment of the Aboriginals changed dramatically, along with the creation and abolishment of several laws. Due to the protest, Gough Whitlam changed his party’s policy to guarantee that Aboriginals would gain land rights, leading to the Aboriginal Land Rights Act of 1976. This…

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  • The Setbacks Of Australia's Political And Legal System

    The political and legal system in Australia has provided both advances and setbacks for the Indigenous Australians. There have been many setbacks for Aboriginal people in their fight for equal legal and political rights like the legislation 's, constitution, voting rights and parliamentary laws. They have also had some gradual advances from the amendments to the electoral act, the 1967 referendum and Prime Minister Whitlams actions to give land back. Early on in Australia 's history Indigenous…

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  • The Role Of The Separation Of Powers In The Australian Constitution

    but has a role in the government and Parliament. The role of the Governor-General has been questioned in the past with Sir John Kerr dismissing Prime Minister Gough Whitlam which then called for a double dissolution election. That decision was questioned by many as to whether that was an overuse of power but he was within his rights as he was supported by the Chief Justice of the High Court. The Governor-General was a representative of the Queen looking out for the needs of the country. The…

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  • The Past And Present: Aboriginal Identity

    photo titled Life and death Dash. He also worked with the NSW Department of Housing to take photos, he was originally commissioned by them to document what the Aboriginal living conditions were like throughout the state. Instead to photos he took showed the strength of Aboriginal communities living in unacceptable standards. Michael Aird began working as a photographer in Aboriginal arts since 1985. A majority of his works focus on his interest of recording the forms of Aboriginal history and…

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