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  • The Messiah: Revled, Revealed, Received By William Varner

    The book “The Messiah: Revealed, Rejected, Received” by William Varner explains to us what a messiah is and why we even need a messiah.. The book shows that when the Jews wanted God to send them down someone they were not satisfied with what God had in store for them. Lastly we see who the messiah God sent is, and how that after most people walked away from the Lord, some were still choosing to follow. As this book goes into great detail addressing all those topics I just mentioned, the overall theme is showing us what a messiah is and what the importance of one is from the point of view of a believer, while still being aware of the Jews believed. The book demonstrates the jew’s lack of belief. The Jew’s wanted God to send a Messiah but when he did they were not satisfied, for they didn’t want a Messiah so they could praise and honor God, no, they wanted a Messiah for their own selfish desires which caused them to paint a picture in their head of what the Messiah were to look like. The people wanted someone who would save them when they were in trouble, they didn 't truly love God, they just loved what they God gave them. Because the people didn’t truly love God. they therefore…

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  • The Messiah: The Problem Of The Messiah

    Jade Lambert 28 November 2014 R. Stephens Religion 1020 The Problem of the Messiah Throughout history the argument among religions have always been present. As religion is one thing that most people have in common, but it is also one on the most definitive factors in what sets people apart. People have found comfort in religion since the beginning of time, so it is only logical to think that as long as people are practicing religion people are also arguing its validity in the same right. The…

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  • Book Of Matthew By Mark: Analysis

    phrased, it would expect a no answer, but with a possibility of the question being asked being true (Utley). The phrase itself, the Son of David, seems to be interchangeable with Messiah, but the people did not say Messiah for fear of Roman soldiers (Howley, Bruce, and Ellison 155). In Greek the way the question was structured implies that no is the expected answer, but that there is a possibility that the answer is yes. It seems that the people were hoping for a Messiah. The Pharisees however…

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  • Jesus: The Genealogy Of Jesus

    The book of Matthew portrays Jesus as the promised Jewish Messiah and the fulfillment of Old Testament hopes and prophesies. For example, Matthew 1:1 states, “This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son Abraham.” From the beginning, Matthew writes to a Jewish audience and clearly states his purpose to depicts Jesus as the King of the Jews. He continues on to describe Jesus’ entire Jewish genealogy, which clearly portrays Jesus as Christ of the Jews. Additionally, in…

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  • Informative Speech On Jesus

    applies this by linking Old Testament passages to events in Jesus’ life. C. In a sense, he admonishes us to present Jesus to others as the uniting purpose of the entire Bible. 4. Our discussion of Matthew’s approach to evangelism will help us to display Jesus as the whole point of Scripture. Discussion: I. Matthew’s approach to soul-saving. A. Matthew’s approach is to use the Old Testament Scriptures to prove Jesus’ deity. 1. He was writing to a Jewish audience. 2. He uses many passages…

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  • The Purpose Of A Church

    Some people begin a debate when is comes to the thought of what a church is. Is it a building? Or is it the people, that create the church? There are many perspectives on this topic. Here is my view on this topic. Throughout my whole life, I have been taught that the “church” was not the building. It was the people inside the building. Some people may state scripture and say that it is the building that one is in, such as Matthew 16:13-20. Here it states that Jesus asked his disciples who…

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  • The Book Of Mark Essay

    The book of Mark gives a similar however different view of Jesus as a person than the book of Matthew. This book does not talk about the childhood of Jesus. It talks about his life as a leader up to his crucifixion and resurrection. The book talks about different ways Jesus was perceived. He was perceived as a great leader as well as a teacher and leader by his disciples. Later in the book it talks about how they felt about him being the leader. They did not really question his leadership…

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  • The Mayan Calendar

    we are living in the end of time since the day the Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012. Many movies and television shows portrayed what they believed would happen to end the world. Natural disasters, nuclear disasters that we cause, and many other different portrayals of the end of the world. I believe that there is no such thing as the “end of times”. Hollywood made these movies to make tons of money because it was a current event at the time. But if we were told that the world may end,…

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  • Similarities Between Christ And Beowulf

    written it was in a time in which the island of Great Britain was divided and had no identity. The island had been conquered multiple times by different armies ranging from the Romans to the Scandinavians. The culture had many Pagan and Christian roots as result of multiple transitions, and this was reflected in their literature. Beowulf was written by an unknown Briton that made the main character Beowulf resemble heralded prophet Jesus Christ. When the lives of Beowulf and Jesus Christ are…

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  • Write An Essay On The Four Gospels

    Jesus as Messiah, the Son of God, and Rabbi. The narrative pauses in five different sections, letting Jesus teach important lessons. An example of one of these blocks is the Sermon on the Mount. The number of teaching blocks within the gospel is significant because there is the same number as the books in the Pentateuch, something that the Jewish audience would perceive. This associates Jesus with Moses and also calls him Rabbi. Jesus is shown to fulfill the prophecies by the book’s beginning…

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