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  • Easter And Religion Analysis

    baffled at the Church’s reaction because they say Easter is not really a Christian festival but one of pagan origin. In an op-ed published on The Guardian on Apr. 4, Peter Ormerod voiced out his confusion over the negative reactions of the Church of England and even UK Prime Minister Theresa May to Cadbury’s rebranding of its Easter egg hunt. He pointed out that the name of the Christian festival does not have anything to do with Christianity and that Jesus’ disciples did not celebrate His resurrection by looking for substances that resemble chocolate. In addition,…

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  • Paul's Strategy Of Boasting In 2 Cor 8: 1-14

    the Macedonian church—which gave even in extreme poverty, (2) Christians should surrender even themselves as a gift to God, (3) giving should be done with sincerity and gladness, and (4) giving ought to be proportionate to ones blessings. Those with excess should give more and in proportion to their wealth. In any case, giving should be sacrificial and prioritized. 2. Describe Paul’s strategy of boasting in 2 Cor. 10-13, in order to counteract the false apostles who have infiltrated the…

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  • Eucharist: Holy Communion, And Confession

    For this paper I have chosen option two and I will be write about two terms each from Christianity and Islam I will also include photos related to each term. The terms I chose for Christianity are Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion, and Confession. The Islamic terms I chose to talk about are Ramadan and Salat. I am first going to write about the Christianity terms and then the Islamic terms. The Eucharist or Holy Communion is to commemorate the Last Supper and it occurs during church mass.…

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  • According To The Bible: What Is Canon?

    Children, parents, students, athletes and all different walks of life live to meet a certain standard that is set for them. There is a reason for this and its to ensure that you are meeting the expectations and requirements. As a Christian, there are rules, standards, and levels of measurements that you must meet. Where does this come from? A Christian uses the Bible that outlines the rules and measuring sticks for the Church. The term Canon is used to establish this measurement so that young…

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  • The Spread Of Christianity In Africa And Latin America

    The New Testament states how Christianity started and the history of how it spread. There are three major branches of Christianity – Catholic Communion, the Orthodox Christian Churches and Protestant movements. However, there are hundreds of different churches today and Christianity is growing rapidly in Africa and Latin America. It is still the dominant religion in Europe and North America today and surveys indicate that 83% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Some argue that…

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  • What Is Psalm 34: 1-4

    Our life is filled with superficial communication between one another. We often fill this communication with verbiage that usually doesn’t express who we are as a people of God. We briefly touch on verbiage such as clichés that amounts to no significant reasoning of whom we are as a people of God or who we are individually. The reality is that if we (in terms of Christianity) do not base these lines of communications on who we are as Christians, then history of our Christian relationships…

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  • Reading The Gospels Wisely Analysis

    In “Reading the Gospels Wisely”, Jonathan Pennington offers many ideas and thoughts on how to read the Gospels in a beneficial way. He outlines good habits as well as points out where problems can arise. Although, Pennington makes several important arguments; hindsight, open-mindedness, and vertical reading are three aspects that ought to guide Christians while reading the Gospels. Hindsight is a broad term that encompasses a major point Pennington was arguing. Pennington talks about the genre…

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  • Loving The Storm: Drenched' By Frederica Mathewes-Green

    The article “Loving the Storm – Drenched” by Frederica Mathewes-Green has actually left me quite unsettled. I want to disagree with the article, but it may be possible that my reflection is a product of misinterpretation. Nevertheless, I remain true to the convictions of my reflections. I appreciate and can gain insight from the author’s analogy of comparing the media to the weather; however, I disagree with these implications. I don’t like comparing culture to the weather because I don’t like…

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  • The Great Tribulation In John 16: 33

    have found and have written themselves that explains their beliefs. Everybody has a different belief, but one of the hard questions about the end times; that no one knows, is whether or not Christians will go or endure through the Tribulation. The New Testament speaks of the tribulation and the debate hinges on whether the church or true believers will or will not go through it. There are many different viewpoints that many people have sought after and we have been debating over different…

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  • Why I Am Not A Christian Summary

    Russell's "Why I Am Not A Christian" was originally a talk he gave that was published as a pamphlet later that same year. The lecture was given at Battersea Town Hall to the South London Branch of the National Secular Society on March 6, 1927. Russell gave this lecture after his secular views cost him a job. Due to his political and secular standpoints and his acceptance of the "gay until graduation" version of homosexuality, Russell was denied a professorship In New York. In fact, Russell was…

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