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  • Paul's Strategy Of Boasting In 2 Cor 8: 1-14

    the Macedonian church—which gave even in extreme poverty, (2) Christians should surrender even themselves as a gift to God, (3) giving should be done with sincerity and gladness, and (4) giving ought to be proportionate to ones blessings. Those with excess should give more and in proportion to their wealth. In any case, giving should be sacrificial and prioritized. 2. Describe Paul’s strategy of boasting in 2 Cor. 10-13, in order to counteract the false apostles who have infiltrated the Corinthian church. Here Paul critiques the “super-apostles” boastful attitude pointing out the illegitimacy of their claims. He then boasts of his own credentials in exquisite sarcastic mode, but spends most of his time “boasting”…

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  • According To The Bible: What Is Canon?

    Children, parents, students, athletes and all different walks of life live to meet a certain standard that is set for them. There is a reason for this and its to ensure that you are meeting the expectations and requirements. As a Christian, there are rules, standards, and levels of measurements that you must meet. Where does this come from? A Christian uses the Bible that outlines the rules and measuring sticks for the Church. The term Canon is used to establish this measurement so that young…

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  • Eucharist: Holy Communion, And Confession

    For this paper I have chosen option two and I will be write about two terms each from Christianity and Islam I will also include photos related to each term. The terms I chose for Christianity are Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion, and Confession. The Islamic terms I chose to talk about are Ramadan and Salat. I am first going to write about the Christianity terms and then the Islamic terms. The Eucharist or Holy Communion is to commemorate the Last Supper and it occurs during church mass.…

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  • The Great Tribulation In John 16: 33

    have found and have written themselves that explains their beliefs. Everybody has a different belief, but one of the hard questions about the end times; that no one knows, is whether or not Christians will go or endure through the Tribulation. The New Testament speaks of the tribulation and the debate hinges on whether the church or true believers will or will not go through it. There are many different viewpoints that many people have sought after and we have been debating over different…

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  • Analysis Of C. S. Lewis The Screwtape Letter

    motives behind our beliefs are no exception, and as a result Christians are subject to immoral Christian belief; an immorality that lies in the motive and not in the consequence. When one devotes oneself to Christianity under desires other than to seek the truth and find God, the faith loses its validity and becomes one of mercenary affairs instead of Godly affairs. These desires take many forms and are laced throughout C.S. Lewis’ writings Throughout The Screwtape Letters, Lewis most…

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  • Langston Hughes And Salvation Essay

    Question #1: (a) What does Salvation mean? (b) How does the death and resurrection of Christ save us from our sins? (c) Are Christians the only persons who can experience salvation? (d) Can animals and other living things in God’s creation be saved? February is “Black History Month, people all over our country and in some others, are given opportunities to learn about the struggles and accomplishments of African Americans. Who would have imagined that using chapter 13:” The Finality of Jesus…

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  • Allusions In Hamlet

    we see more and more allusions and their connotations. Previously, majority of these have been to Greek mythology and Christianity. Unsurprisingly, there’s more of these allusions in Act 5! Scene 1 of Act 5 actually starts with an allusion to Christian belief; “Is she to be buried in Christian burial, when she wilfully seeks her own salvation?” (5.1.1-2) This question by a gravedigger references the fact that probably at the time (maybe now too) Christian burial rites and traditions were…

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  • Ritualism In Hemingway's Big Two-Hearted River

    Ritualism is apparent in Hemingway’s short story “Big Two-Hearted River” with regards to Nick’s interactions with the river and nature. Through my Christian background, I recognize that this ritualism also is evidently involved with the sacrament of baptism and the Eucharist. As we discussed in class, Nick is injured due to a battle and is now attempting to recovering from that wound. However, William Bysshe Stein argues that Nick is also “afflicted by a graver injury, an acute disunity of…

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  • Sybil Attack In Christian Theology

    3.1 HOW NAME WAS COINED In Christian theology the sybils was thought to have sharp knowledge, before the Christian theology, in Greek and Roman legend there was ten female prophets which are named as Sybyls. It is used to say that they participated in various places in the world. After the Greek and Roman legends this name was used in Christian theology. After the Christian theology this name was derived to England. In England, it was spelled Sybil instead sybyl. It became famous at a high…

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  • Christianity And Lutheranism

    Since the beginning of Lutheranism, there has been great strife and conflict between the Christian church (primarily the Lutherans and Catholics). This strife often gets in the way of the true goal of Christianity (to bring those who do not believe in the gospel message to Christ). The Catholics and the Lutherans are different denominations of the same religion of Christianity. Many people that are not members of either denomination can confuse the two. While both are similar in some ways they…

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