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  • Psychology Theology And Spirituality In Christian Counseling Summary

    Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling written by Mark R. McMinn, Ph.D. This book is a great resource for someone who has chosen the path of Christian counseling. The author states that the main idea of the book is, “this is a book for those wanting to investigate the frontier of intra-disciplinary integration” (McMinn, 2011, p. 9). McMinn talks about religious interventions as they relate to integration along with challenges that Christian counselor may face. Integration is achieved not only by having a strong biblical and theological foundation but in addition having a person’s spiritual discipline included.…

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  • Summary Of Philip Clayton's Transforming Christian Theology

    Transforming Christian Theology, Clayton creates bold statements that challenge the church to move away from recreating the same battles that have been fought so long in the church. One of the most significant battles being conservatism versus liberalism. Instead, he asks the church to address humanity as a whole in view of the gospel. In other words, how do humans relate to God instead of how does God relate to humans. He makes the option to move away from the same theologies that seem to be…

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  • Sybil Attack In Christian Theology

    3.1 HOW NAME WAS COINED In Christian theology the sybils was thought to have sharp knowledge, before the Christian theology, in Greek and Roman legend there was ten female prophets which are named as Sybyls. It is used to say that they participated in various places in the world. After the Greek and Roman legends this name was used in Christian theology. After the Christian theology this name was derived to England. In England, it was spelled Sybil instead sybyl. It became famous at a high…

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  • Views Of Heaven And Hell According To Christian Theology

    Views on Heaven and Hell According to Christian theology, multiple views of heaven and hell have been explored. Some suggest a metaphorical approach, as others present a more literal perspective of what the Bible says. It is very clear throughout Scripture that there are exclusively two destinations dependent on our faith in God. Knowledge regarding what comes after our earthly lives is essential, so we will be more capable to share with others. God has a well thought out plan for our eternity…

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  • Application Of Christian Thinkers And Missionaries Adapt Greco-Roman Ideas To Christian Theology

    How did Christian thinkers and missionaries adapt Greco-Roman ideas to Christian theology and develop effective techniques for converting barbarian peoples? Christian thinkers and missionaries adapted Christian principles to assimilate social and cultural norms of the time. Church teachings in the third and fourth centuries adapted ideas on gender roles and sexuality to conform to existing Roman values. Furthermore, missionaries seeking to spread Christianity beyond the Roman Empire did so by…

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  • Psychology Theology In Christian Counseling Summary

    Summary Mark McMinn the author of “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling” goes into great depth in explaining the integration of psychology, theology, and spirituality in counseling. McMinn first published his book in 1996 and since then he has updated and revised it in 2011 with reliable information that can be used by the counselor (McMinn, 2011). McMinn starts in the first chapter stating, “this is a book for those wanting to investigate the frontier of…

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  • Catechism: Is It Possible To Know God From Our Limit Knowledge?

    Only in that way, it is possible to comprehend that referring to Him as Father is the best possible way to approach Him. Moreover, when man refers to God as Father, it is not a human invention. He does so following Jesus Christ’s example. He revealed Himself as Son. For that reason, Christians firmly believe that God is Father because He has always had a son who is consubstantial with Him, eternal like Him, begotten not made. It is, therefore, the content of Christian revelation, which gives…

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  • Integrative Approaches To Psychology And Christianity By David Entwistle Summary

    With understanding of both the question that is frequently asked is “can psychology and theology can co-exist with one other?” and Entwistle gives the answer yes in his book by a simple statement “all truth is God’s truth, so that wherever and however truth is discovered, its author is God” (Entwistle, 2010, p. 13). Going on connecting the historical views Entwistle breaks down in the first two chapters about how psychology and Christianity interacted throughout history by calling it science and…

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  • Divine Judgment In C. S. Lewis The Last Battle

    Concluding with Narnia’s rebirth into new and fuller life, The Last Battle necessarily engages with themes of judgement, salvation, and eternity. C. S. Lewis closes his chronicle with Narnia perfectly realized in eternity, where all of its heroes rejoice in Aslan’s presence. Delving deep into theology, Lewis undergirds his events and imagery with powerfully coherent message about salvation. Lewis’s vision of the final judgement reflects a distinctly Catholic theology through its communication of…

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  • Pfizer Mission Statement

    making life better for others, by renewing life for others. Roels writes in the article, “If, indeed, the calling to business is rooted in creation, then it is also delivered from sin by Christ’s victory. Once again it is possible to claim that material development and economic exchange, the daily work of so many, can be renewed.” From this quote one can see that the biopharmaceutical industry and more specifically, Pfizer is doing just that. By creating drugs and medicines that help people…

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