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  • Reflective Essay: Death Of A Vietnamese Soldier

    with light flurries, but my pipe and the weather seemed to have a calming effect on me. I couldn’t help thinking about the Roman soldiers. Being a soldier in a foreign land prompted evil behavior, but that was war. I was glad to be away from Nam and all the trapping of war: the killing, the bullying of women and children. I was thinking about my mistreatment of the Vietnamese women when I realized that I had reached the sidewalk in front of our house. My aunt and uncle were pulling up to the curb. I emptied the bowl of my pipe by knocking it against the gate post. Then, I opened the car door. My aunt began to cry. “I’ve had so many bad dreams about you. I was worried you wouldn’t return,” she said. “I’m alive and well,” I said, “Merry Christmas.” As we went inside the house, Uncle Galway and I carried the…

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  • Kyra Smith Character Analysis

    All the people living there got to help with everything getting ready for Christmas. It was Christmas Morning, Kyra got breakfast ready while Brooke got everyone up. They gathered by a fire and sung Christmas songs while their food was prepping. They all loved having Christmas with each other opening gifts. It was the next day, they had a couple of older people who could not take care of each other and so they had them fill out paperwork that stated if what allergies or medication they take.…

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  • Grouchy Old Men Analysis

    version of, A Christmas Carol. Scrooge is a bitter old man who hates Christmas and has no desire to associate with others. When his nephew, Fred, invites Scrooge to attend Christmas dinner at his house, Scrooge refuses to go. Scrooge has no affection for others and only cares about himself. He shows his selfishness when he, being a wealthy man, would not donate any of his money to charity during the holiday season. He also has no desire to be kind. Scrooge refused to buy coals to heat the fire…

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  • Christmas Research Paper

    Holiday Paper The month of December is a time filled with traditions of many faiths and ethnicities. Of these traditions, the most commonly celebrated is Christmas. The holiday was originally a day of religious celebration for people with Christian beliefs, but Christmas has evolved over the years, and now many people celebrate even if they are not Christian, Although the Christmas sprit of generosity and cheeriness has not changed, many of the traditions of Christmas have changed drastically.…

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  • Narrative Essay: 8 Hearts, All In A Row

    8 Hearts, All In a Row The bus drops Randy off next to an ice cream stand he used to buy neapolitan cones from in the summer. He 's surprised it still exists, now covered in a tarp, looking to survive the New York winter. 1818 Cheshire Street stands less than a block away, and he walks slowly, clutching his brown paper bag, trying to avoid slipping on the ice. When he was younger, a winter night meant sledding with the other kids in the neighborhood while lights light up the inside of…

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  • Reflective Essay On Thanksgiving And The Loss Of My Family

    Candlelight services on Christmas Eve, Pajamas and teddy bears before Santa, Gram’s gravy on Christmas morning and of course our annual Christmas Day movie. Then there were the summertime memories centralized on your backyard pool with a large fun island and a floating basketball goal. As the summer sun would slip below the horizon, our mouths watered with anticipation of dinner from the grill followed by Kunta cream. Although life has not been easy for your only daughter, she has rendered her…

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  • Importance Of Being Grateful Essay

    An attitude of gratitude is often thought about during the holiday seasons. Whatever part of the world you live in and whenever those seasons come up, you typically will hear parents say to their children, "be grateful". Why? Because, children have a hard time being grateful for what they don't get during the holidays and in turn being grateful for what they do get. If a child doesn't have a grateful heart, the old argument of nature vs. nurture can come into play. Was it the environment that…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Worst Witch

    “The Worst Witch” Not everyone has a picture perfect childhood, but I am blessed to have a wonderful family who have given me a great childhood. We make memories that will last a lifetime and our tradition on Halloween will be carried on for future generations to come. The tradition of watching ‘The Worst Witch’ has brought my family closer and it makes us realize how lucky we are to have the life we live. Growing up my dad had an abusive alcoholic father, therefore he did not have…

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  • Irish Potato Famine Analysis

    This letter has a narrative and historical-circunstancial nature, since it is related with a concrete historical moment or circumstance in which the author was immersed. The letter was written on 17 December 1846, but it was published in The London Times newspaper a few days after, on Christmas Eve. We must situate this text in the period of The Great Famine, The Great Hunger, or The Irish Potato Famine. It was the worst famine in Europe of the 19th century, suffered in Ireland between 1845 and…

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  • Odyssey Of Feast Analysis

    Food, Festive Events and Colors always make people think of and connect to laughers, happiness and joy. Once there is a saying “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the SAME THING!” The Odyssey of Feast showcases the joyful moments created by food and beverages in the 17th century with wide ranges of Still Life and Dutch Golden Age paintings. If you are looking for some Still-Life and Dutch Golden Age paintings, or you perceive yourself as a foodie. The Odyssey…

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