Personal Narrative Essay: The Picture On The Wall

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The Picture on the Wall
One fateful day, my parents decided to redecorate the house; they painted the wall and reframed all the old pictures. As a young girl, I assisted my parents and reframed the pictures. While scrolling through the pictures, I recognized one peculiar picture that embodied two stories I would never forget in years to come. This idyllic picture was taken one Christmas holiday where our entire family members and friends celebrated the season in our hometown in Enugu, Nigeria. The celebration took place at my grandfather’s house with lots of food, drinking, and dancing. Before everyone departed back home, my dad decided to take a picture of my mother and siblings while they were assembling a gift. Therefore, as my dad brought
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All, I acquired from that conversation was “cousin, cousin, cousin.” I shouted, “Which cousin?” then my parents turned towards me and grinned, in return, I frowned. At that, awkward moment was when my dad asked me, if I would love to assist my mother at the shopping mall. I was determined to get more information while at the shopping mall. While, at the shopping mall, my mother spoke no word to me, the shopping center felt like a graveyard. After, my mother brought everything on the list we headed back home. My mother began to redecorate the guesthouse, then it hit me, someone is heading our home this Christmas season. Still, I wondered which cousin it could be that brings death instead of happiness to my parents. I leaned towards my mother, whispered, if she needed my assistance, she gestured at me, and continued decorating the room. Soon, my dad arrived from work, headed straight to the kitchen, and prepared his native food shortly the aroma filled the house. The next day, my father sat me down and instructed me to pack my bags because this year Christmas celebration would be held at his grandfather’s house with family members and friends. I was thrilled, but shocked because I have not visited my

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