Essay On Abolish Christmas

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This past Thanksgiving, people were worrying about many things. They were worrying about the results of our past Presidential election, the possibility of terrorist attacks, the safety of loved ones defending us overseas, making sure everything would be perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner, would the Lions win the football game, and getting some shopping done after the family dinner to name a few. It is our human nature to worry, especially when it is a big event like the Birth of Our Lord. We worry about the gifts that we buy for others hoping that they will like them, or would they will return them, or even re-gift them. We have sent out our Christmas cards and then realize, when it is too late, that we have forgotten someone. You see, we live in a society that has become completely commercialized that puts stress on us to buy, buy, and buy. In the end, the true meaning of Christmas has almost disappeared.
There are those who may even say that we should abolish Christmas. But here lies the danger of losing sight of the source of our faith and hope; the Word made Flesh. Therefore, we must always remember that Christmas is about Christ, not
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In the song "Joy to the World" we hear, "Let every heart prepare Him room". Are we, this Second Sunday of Advent prepared for His Coming? Have we cleaned a room in our heart for Him? Yet, not just any room in our hearts, but our entire heart for the Coming of God. However, in order to prepare this heart for Him; "We need not to be concerned on what we are to wear or what we are to drink". You see, John is telling us not to be worried about our clothing or what we should be eating or drinking. He is simply telling us to be spiritually ready for the Coming of the Lord. Therefore, his message for those around him and for us today, is to get ready, to prepare ourselves for the

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