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  • Theme Of Poverty In A Christmas Carol

    to them, seeing them as “another race of creatures bound on other journeys”. Dickens challenged this outlook, and was disgusted by it, so he wrote the novella A Christmas Carol with the intent to change people’s views of the poor and society’s responsibility to them. Scrooge, who represents the richer class, is introduced as the personification of winter, after which Dickens uses Fezziwig who is the antithesis of Scrooge as an employer; Bob Cratchit and his family; and Ignorance and Want, in an attempt to illustrate the need for a more compassionate society.…

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  • What Is The Redemption In A Christmas Carol

    money-pinching man. Ebenezer Scrooge is a scrooge. A scrooge is a person who is stingy with money, they would rather do anything than part with a buck and they are really stubborn people, which is the perfect word to describe Scrooge. Well it was the perfect word, until Ebenezer Scrooge redeemed himself. Even Scrooge changed, that means that if the meanest and stingiest person can change, anyone can. You have to be willing to make an effort to change, because if you make an effort than you…

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  • Christian Beliefs In Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol

    "Bob 's inablity to afford medical trestment for Tiny Tim."(Davis 1). Scrooge is shown this to try and change him into seeing that he needs to treat people better. He has to see that the way he acts has not only hurt his future but others as well. "I will live in the Past, Present, and the Future !" ( Dickens 199). Scrooge starts to see the error of his ways and to change how he has acted. He is taught that he needs to show love and care to others and to be easier on people and to be kinder to…

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  • How Does Scrooge Change In A Christmas Carol

    The spirit shows him Bob Cratchit's once more, showing that Tiny Tim, Bob's most crippled son, has died. The spirit also showed him his own grave. Scrooge was scared, so he figured he had to change his ways. The next morning Scrooge wakes up, and it is Christmas morning. He walks around, greeting people, saying "Merry Christmas!" And even, "Good morning!" He finally realized, that life isn't all about how rich you are or what you have. It is whether or not youare happy and have friends. He…

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  • Scrooge In Dickens Stave 5, By Charles Dickens

    Dickens makes a positive aura around the Christmas feeling as of Stave 1, he makes the Stave full of energy as when Scrooge wakes up he is suddenly buzzing with energy and is as “light as a feather” and runs to the window where a young boy is shocked to know that Scrooge doesn’t know what day it is. Scrooge pays the boy to get the poultries and to buy the prize turkey which he delivers to Bob Cratchits as anonymous. The Stave is significant to the story as it shows that if someone as miserly as…

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  • The Path To Redemption In A Christmas Carol

    who has a cold heart and replies “Humbug!” to all of the Christmas activities. He declines his nephew’s Christmas dinner invitation and irrationally fires his hard working employee Bob Cratchit. That night Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his old business partner, Jacob Marley, who warns him of three more ghosts that will be visiting him at one, two, and three a.m. The first ghost that visits Scrooge is the Ghost of…

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  • Moralistic Themes In Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol

    In the Present, Scrooge listens as Mrs. Cratchit abruptly denounces him after her husband denominated him Founder of the Feast. She indicates that Scrooge is, “an odius, stingy, hard, unfeeling man” (53). Later in the Present, the spirit warns Scrooge to beware of Ignorance and Want, vices symbolized by a boy and girl, whose appearances were wretched and extremely depressing. When Scrooge eagerly alluded the poor children should have shelter and protection, the spirit simply replied, “Are…

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  • How Is Scrooge Presented In A Christmas Carol Analysis

    when he learns that Bob Cratchit's ill son, Tiny Tim will die. He begs the spirit, ' Oh no, kind Spirit! Say he will be spared' This does not sound like the cruel, hardhearted man that the story began with. Next, it is his nephew's home where the air is full of laughter, happiness and mockery towards the meanness of Scrooge, but still raises a Christmas toast to him The last ghost, the ghost of Christmas yet to come then visits. Scrooge shows he is changing by telling the hooded spirit …

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  • Scrooge's Spirit In Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

    I think some people might have chosen the first spirit, Spirit of Christmas Past, because it started him of by helping him understand why he needed the help and needed his mistakes fixed, “ Scrooge : Why are you here? First Spirit : Your welfare. Rise. Walk with me.” ( p. 14 ). But, they also might have picked the second spirit, Spirit of Christmas Present, because it had shown them how Scrooge might have changed more by looking at his present actions and how starting that instant could have…

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  • A Christmas Carol Analysis

    the next stave Ghost of Christmas Past came, the ghost looked like a candle stick and he was quite. The ghost took Scrooge to his childhood area, Scrooge trembled and he shed a tear onto his cold cheek. He saw a little solitary kid at scrooge's old school, that little boy was him, so he demanded the ghost to take he back home. The ghost took he back home and Scrooge saw all the people having fun and carrying on with others. Scrooge got a tiny bit of selfish away. Sadley Scrooge still was very…

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