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  • Personal Narrative: A Deer Or No Deer

    Deer Or No Deer When I was younger I sat in a deer stand with my dad. I started at the age of nine and I loved it. Every day during deer camp I woke up early to walk out to the field with him. We would get up around 4 or 5 in the morning. I always lite a fire in the fireplace to get rid of the chill in the cool morning air. Then I would get dressed up for the cold weather to come and prepare for the great hunt we were about to receive. I could not shoot a deer legally I was twelve. Once I could legally harvest a deer, I couldn't wait for the season to start. I was so excited when I finally got the chance to take hunter's safety class online. I passed my written test and went to take the field test that you must attend to receive your certificate. During the field test I had to carry a…

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  • Lame Deer Plot

    Lame Deer. "The Man who was Afraid of Nothing." American Indian Myths and Legends. Ed. Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz. Place of Publication: Pantheon Books, 1984 . 435-438. Print. This story sets out to explain that no one is afraid of nothing, and Lame Deer is addressing in third person, with this story being very simple. The perspective is not very biased at all, making at seem like an average person is narrating. Peck Taylor, Harriet. Coyote Places the Stars: Aladdin Paperbacks,…

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  • Shoot A Deer

    One of my most important personal goals is to shoot a deer with my bow. Preferably a buck but either with do. I’ve always wanted to, but now I’m ready to do it, and put lots of time in so I can achieve that goal. It’s not always easy to get a deer with a bow because most of the time the deer don’t come close enough. This year I’m going to prepare and plan out how to get a nice deer with my bow. One way I’m going to get a nice shot is to put out trail cams and see where the deer are moving.…

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  • Deer Population

    populations of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), have been steadily increasing. This increase in population has caused many people to consider various ways to keep the deer populations in control (Brown et al. 2000). Despite record harvest rates and many unrestricted hunting laws, white-tailed deer are very abundant in many regions of the United States (Rawinski 2008). For example, the range of the white-tailed deer has expanded to include offshore islands, such as Block Island, RI,…

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  • Whitetail Deer

    Since the dawn of time, humans have practiced the right to hunt whitetail deer to control the deer’s population growth rate. However, animal rights groups and pacifists alike are trying to take that right away from the American people. Not only does hunting have an enormous impact on the American lifestyle, but also gives the common people (including myself) a chance to observe and help maintain the wildlife and its environment. Recently, those opposed to this idea have started to conduct…

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  • Deer Hunting Essay Topics

    How to Deer Hunt Deer hunting can be considered a method of survival to obtain food and warm clothing or as a sport. Although deer hunting is typically considered a sport and rarely used for food nowadays in the United States, throughout history hunting has been used for clothing and food. “Deer were an integral part of Native American’s lives. Meat and bone marrow made up a large part of their diet. Indians used hides for clothing, rugs, blankets, fishnets, and tools out of bones. They crafted…

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  • Personal Narrative-Deer Hunting

    I saw the deer in the cross hairs of my scope; I took one last deep breath of the crisp winter air as my dad pressured me to hurry up, and I squeezed the trigger. I had never heard anything sound so loud in my life. My heart was beating through my chest as I looked down to see blood and shattered glass everywhere. The doe I was aiming for still standing in front of me unharmed. I was shaking uncontrollably, and not from the cold, but from the sight of what I had done. The smell of black power…

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  • Deer Hunt Research Paper

    just burning the morning fog off of the lakes cool waters. The dew on the grass and trees was glistening from the sunlight and the bird were singing their songs of jubilee . The entire woods were peaceful and still, and the sunrise was magnificent. During this moment I realized how beautiful nature is when the outside world is a distant memory, and all we need to do is take advantage of the little things life gives us and never stress the big ones too much. Early that morning I woke up to go…

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  • Deer Hunting Journey

    Nebraska for our annual deer hunting trip. Every year the same memories are pulled out and a remembrance of the year before comes rushing out. The trip always starts in the morning. When the sun isn 't even up and the sound of fog and the earth sleeping come to ear. The cold engine on the car starting up and smoke storming out of the exhaust, and the feeling of a hot coffee in your hands to start the day. My dad looks at me eagerly and asks” you ready”? I respond with “Of course” We hop in the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Deer Hunting

    The main example is what are called feral hogs, which are an invasive species that terrorize southern states. In an article done by Mississippi State University they state “A conservative estimate of the cost of wild pig damage to agriculture and the environment in the United States currently stands at $1.5 billion annually.”(Mississippi) An amount like this is just unfathomable and to even the highest anti-hunting activist out there it is a situation that must be taken care of. The whole entire…

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