Shoot A Deer

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One of my most important personal goals is to shoot a deer with my bow. Preferably a buck but either with do. I’ve always wanted to, but now I’m ready to do it, and put lots of time in so I can achieve that goal. It’s not always easy to get a deer with a bow because most of the time the deer don’t come close enough. This year I’m going to prepare and plan out how to get a nice deer with my bow.
One way I’m going to get a nice shot is to put out trail cams and see where the deer are moving. This will tell me where to put my stand so I’ll be right where the deer are. I don’t want to be too close to their trail or they could wind me, but I have sent blocker that I can use. I have an idea where to put a great stand that should fill all my tags. It is on a hill that is surrounded by valleys. The hill is super thick with lots of cover for the deer to hide. Every time we do drives around our land the deer all run to the hill and hide. So last year in muzzleloader we decided to drive off the hill, it turned out to be a great drive. Many herds of deer came running out of everywhere and headed for the creek. That was when I decided to put a stand up on the hill. I just need to look around and find the best tree so I have
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This has always been one of my goals and it will stay one till I achieve my goal. I don’t know why it's so important to me, it just seem like something I have to do. I have shot many deer with a gun, but that is just to easy. I need to practice my shots and make sure my bow is dead on. I also need to put up trail cams and see where the deer are moving so I can put up a nice stand. Then I need to have confidence in my shots to ensure that I make a good shot. Shooting a deer will make me very happy and I can’t wait till archery is in. Not to wish my summer away, but I hope it comes fast. The feeling will be great even if it isn’t a buck, as long as I get a deer it doesn’t matter to

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