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  • Case Study: Plaintiff VELEZ Vs. HUDSON

    DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION 46. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff VELEZ was in a position subordinate to Defendant BESIKO with regard to her employment with Defendant EXPRESS. 47. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff HUDSON was in a position subordinate to Defendant BESIKO with regard to her employment with Defendant EXPRESS. 48. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff VELEZ would be given directives and take work orders from Defendant BESIKO in the course of her employment with Defendant EXPRESS. 49. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff HUDSON would be given directives and take work orders from Defendant BESIKO in the course of her employment with Defendant EXPRESS. 50. That at all times hereinafter mentioned, both Plaintiffs were and are females. 51. Immediately with their hire, the Defendants starting…

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  • Intentional Tort Of Battery Essay

    The plaintiff then fell backwards and hit his head on the pavement. The defendant was charged with the intentional tort of battery. The Court in that case ruled that the defendant’s use of force was not excessive since the defendant, on numerous occasions, asked the plaintiff to calm down, and the plaintiff instead became physical with the defendant by pushing him. The court stated that since the plaintiff was intoxicated and belligerent towards the defendant it was reasonable for him to believe…

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  • Musiclive Case

    In Stevenson, Jacques & Co v McLean, the defendant offered to sell iron to the plaintiff through a telegram. After receiving the telegram the plaintiff sent a telegram to the defendant asking to accept the stated price for a duration of two months or the longest limit it would allow. The defendant did not respond to the telegram and sold the iron to another party on the same day. The defendant later sent a telegram to the plaintiff informing him that all the iron had been sold. Before the…

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  • Barrier V. Penneil Case Study

    MOTION FOR INJUCTIVE RELIEF COMES NOW, the Defendant, Michael A. McNeil, and moves that this Court grants an injunctive relief to order the Plaintiff to stop permitting Mr. Gary Napier to transport the Defendant’s daughter around and outside of the state and to be alone with her without the presence of the Plaintiff in the mediate area. Additionally, the Defendant moves that the Plaintiff Sarah McNeil be ordered to no longer discuss the pending legal actions before this Court and/or making…

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  • Case Law: The Helping Families Save Their Home Act Of 2009

    there is no assignment filed, the lack of assignment makes the lien unenforceable and it loses its priority. Making our claims for prescriptive title just and valid. Our claim on our home is the only one without defects. This state 's statute was not addressed by the federal court, and because our state claims were pending before the dismissal of Bennett I, we can still have our state claims heard in state court, rendering the Defendant 's claims of res judicita null. Wrongful Removal …

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  • Thelma Agnes Smith And Riley Case Study

    Phillip Riley, Statement of facts. The plaintiff and defendant cohabited together for numerous years without entering into marriage or civil union. Although, there was a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship has soured resulting in the need to liquidate assets that were acquired within joint ownership. The plaintiff and defendant had both agreed previously to how the assets would be divided, this agreement was not followed therefore litigation commenced. Case…

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  • Seamons V. Snow Case Study

    In Koffman v. Garnett, the court’s decision that assault and battery did not take place but gross negligence did is interesting how they interpreted the law in their ruling. The mere facts of difference in age, weight, physical maturity and the authoritarian position of the defendant held, would be enough in any parents eyes to surely think there was at least a case of battery. The allegation of assault is faint as there would need to be burden of proof that the plaintiff was intimidated by…

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  • Emotional Distress Case Study

    conduct was extreme and outrageous. The plaintiff and his wife sought the counsel of the psychologist Nickel to preserve their marriage. Id.650. The plaintiff asserts the claim that defendant’s purpose was to better his mental and emotional health problems and to assist in resolving marital problems he was having with his wife. Id. The defendant had knowledge that the plaintiff was particularly susceptible to emotional distress. The defendant developed a romantic relationship with plaintiff’s…

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  • Tangible Detriment: Argument For Tangible Detriment

    To establish this link courts consider the timing between the two. In Johnson, the court held the plaintiff’s rejection was linked to adverse action, since right after defendant said “wrong answer to give on the last day of clinical”, plaintiff received a failing evaluation, here, as soon as Prufrock rejected Professor Crewel’s advances and said “I’ll take my chances, Professor Crewel said she would not be available to Prufrock for office hours, thus in this instance a jury could find a link…

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  • Private Nuisance Case Study

    reasonable use of an established air field. Sky High Ltd also claim that they have received no other complaints since they began operating from the airfield and may as a consequence assert that Jon and Kate are oversensitive which the court would consider in determining reasonable use of the land. Protection is not afforded to oversensitive claimants by the courts in private nuisance cases. Private nuisance only protects the ordinary use and enjoyment of land. Giving consideration to the…

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