Animal testing

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  • Animal Testing

    Animal Testing There has been a long debate on whether animal should be used as a main source of testing Animals have been experimented and tested on for centuries. People came up with the idea that if they were unsure how a substance or compound would react on them, they started to use the same chemical on animal to see the results. They would then compare the results with the humans once they were used as test subjects. Animals have proven to be a source for testing since they have similar genetics and organ functions; however they have also proven to be difficult subjects for testing since they have different replications of disease and reactions. Animals’ genetic material is similar to the humans. Scientists are now beginning to use…

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  • Animal Testing: The Negative Influence Of Testing On Animals

    Animals are not toys that humans can just play with. Testing on animals is not okay, animals have feelings and families too. If we test on animals, they soon could go extinct and it could have a harmful impact on humans as well. If animals are tested on because there are new alternatives. Animal testing also isn’t always accurate. Testing on animals is savage and fiendish. Animal testing has been going on for years; since 384 BC. Animal testing was invented to see if specific chemicals and some…

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  • Importance Of Animal Testing For Testing

    Animals Testing is Bad? Bioscience and technology have been advanced developed contributing on helping better human life. As a matter of fact, before distributing a new medicine, scientists have to use many tests to evaluate whether the new medicine is good or how bad it affect to human health or any other side effect might occur. Then, animals are science’s targets experiment .From this point, there are two controversial arguments on using animals for testing. One is support to use animal for…

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  • Animal Testing On Animals Essay

    of a controversial topic then testing on animals and whether or not its ethical. While there is no definitive yes or no answer to this question the debate has been going on since light shinned on the government’s use of animals for testing both for medical research and for perfume, cosmetics, and anything else deemed too dangerous to test on human beings. But whenever this discussion is brought up people against this tend to forget very basic things about animal testing in the medical world;…

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  • Animal Testing Approach

    Animal Testing; Finding Alternative Approaches Animal testing began during the Roman Era Dissection and Vivisection, which is the dissection of live animals. The idea of animal testing was gone by the Middle Ages, but returned by the Renaissance. William Harvey had relied almost completely on the knowledge that came from animal testing during the seventeenth-century. Marc R. Fellenz, the author of “Animal Experimentation,” states “In the early twenty-first century, virtually all medical…

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  • Reprieve Animal Testing

    Oliveira 1 Animals should not be used for scientific or commercial testing because animal testing is cruel and inhumane, alternate testing methods are available, and because humans and animals are every different from each other making animals very poor test subjects. Research on living animals has been practiced since at least 500 BC (Animal Testing Pro & Con). Scientist use animals for many different purposes. Animals are used to test the effectiveness and safety of new drugs before those…

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  • Animal Testing Facts

    Animal Testing “Ninety-two percent of experimental drugs that are safe and effective on animals fail in human clinical trials because they don’t work or are dangerous” (“Animal Experimentation Facts”). This statistic shows animal testing is too inaccurate to be used and animals are not the same as humans. Even though animals are much different than humans, there are people who think testing drugs on the animals the right thing. When a scientist is testing a new drug they will inject the animals;…

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  • Is Animal Testing Wrong

    Most people would agree that harming an animal is a cruel act to commit. Others believe that animal testing should be allowed because new human and animal related cures have been discovered by conducting the experiments. Some may think that since we are humans and animals are not, we have higher authority over the animals. Some people have protested, started movements and other organizations to try and stop animal experimenting. These innocent creatures are being tortured daily so we must step…

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  • Modern Animal Testing

    Animal Testing and the Modern World “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi” (Hajar, 2011). Since the beginning animal testing has been controversial. Although it is taboo animal testing has had positive outcomes. Testing on animals played a substantial role in the evolution of anesthesia and the progress of ovarian cancer screenings. Without trial testing on animal’s human death is a possibility. The most notable…

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  • Animal Testing Is Illegal

    “Right now, millions of animals are imprisoned in laboratories, where they are experimented on and live in constant pain as well as fear of when the next horrible procedure will occur. In addition to being cruel, these experiments are irrelevant to humans.” (Salvona ) Tormenting these underprivileged animals to unnecessary research testing is unethical. Not to mention experimenting on defenseless animals is immoral. Animal testing is unethical, unreliable and can be placed with alternatives. In…

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