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  • Persuasive Essay About Hunting

    The Greatness in Hunting Hunting is one of the greatest sports known to mankind. If a person wants to hunt, he or she does not have to be a skilled athlete; they just need determination and drive. Anybody can participate in this great sport. Hunting is also a great way to get young men and women introduced into the outdoors. Hunting is the search for game or other wild animals for the purpose of catching or killing. Hunting is a great way to release stress and a fun way to interact with others. For many people hunting is nothing more than a hobby or a way to pass the time. However, for many others, hunting is like an addicting drug. Many hunters cannot get enough of hunting. Hunting to some is simply a way of life, just like eating dinner every night or taking a shower every day. They have to do it. Hunting is a sport from which a person can get a great deal of satisfaction. From the biggest buck to the most delicate dove, there is nothing like harvesting an animal that you have been hunting for a long time. When a person is hunting, life always seems perfect, like nothing can go wrong. Unfortunately, there will be times when a hunter will get aggravated, but a person will always receive satisfaction out of just being in the presence of God’s great creation of nature. Another thing that is fun about hunting is hearing all of the amazing sounds of nature, the grunt of the dear, the chatter of squirrels, and the screeching of birds. One of the most incredible…

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  • Whaling Persuasive Essay

    While I don't personally love the practice of hunting whales, I think Norway and Japan should have the right to hunt non-endangered whales provided they do so in an ethical and sustainable manner. Whaling has been a part of Norwegian culture since the 9th century and part of Japanese culture since the 12th century (Japan Whaling Association, 2002). I think an important part of achieving a global community is understanding and working with the cultures involved. Perhaps future generations in…

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  • Essay On Trap Shooting

    Larry Heitmeier Period 1 English Research Paper Trap Shooting In trap shooting their are five shooters and one trap house. The shooters use shotguns to shoot clay disc’s as the targets. The field has five stations, and one trap house. At each station the shooters have to aim at different spots to hit the targets.(“Trap Shooting Basics”) Trap is a very old sport that has been modified through time. Hunters use to do trap with pigeons to prove their skills.(“Trapshooting”) Now people shoot trap…

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  • Deer Hunting Problems Essay

    Problems and solutions with deer hunting This paper will talk about three problems and three solutions to the problems. I will talk about the length of deer season, overpopulated parks, and the length of bow and rifle season. This first paragraph will talk about the first problem which is the length of deer season. There are two sides of this problem some people want deer season longer and some people want deer season longer. The people that want deer season shorter are the people that are…

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  • Shoot A Deer

    One of my most important personal goals is to shoot a deer with my bow. Preferably a buck but either with do. I’ve always wanted to, but now I’m ready to do it, and put lots of time in so I can achieve that goal. It’s not always easy to get a deer with a bow because most of the time the deer don’t come close enough. This year I’m going to prepare and plan out how to get a nice deer with my bow. One way I’m going to get a nice shot is to put out trail cams and see where the deer are moving.…

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  • Deer Skinning Research Paper

    When skinning a deer, you can do it yourself or take it to a butcher. Getting prepared: You will need a tree branch, metal frame or even a tractor to lift the deer up for skinning. You will also need: Strong Ropes Clean Water Securely tie the rope under the deer's head. Achilles tendons can be used to hang the deer. It is much easier to remove the intestines, stomach and other organs when the deer is hanging. Furthermore, the bladder is comfortable making skinning easier. Remove Organs The…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Hunting Is Just A Way Of Life

    Joe’s mom always seems to slip some kind of healthy vegetable on to his dinner plate. Joe can barely choke down a few carrots when they mysteriously appear on his plate. Joe can not even begin to imagine eating a plate full of only vegetables. Where is the meat? People get the meat that everyone has come to love from hunting. Hunting animals is morally acceptable. Hunting is just a way of life and has been for thousands of years. People rely on hunting for resources. It is up to the humans to…

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  • Hunting Optics Essay

    FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING HUNTING OPTICS Hunting optics are essential accessories to ensure shooting accuracy for rifle shooters and hunters. There many quite many different options for hunters: scopes, binoculars, range finders or monoculars. They can be really expensive, so make sure you know where and how to choose the best product you need. For example, reading rifle scope reviews is a good way to start if you want to get to know about this type of hunting optics. Before going into…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Bow Hunting

    Benefits of Bow Hunting Your heart is pumping wildly, your adrenaline is bursting, your hands are shaking with excitement, and your body freezes. This is what happens to me when I see a deer, bow hunting. Bowhunting gives people a chance for a more challenging hunt versus hunting with a rifle; it lets the hunter closer to the animal they're hunting, the season is much longer than rifle or shotgun season and it is a very good stress reliever. Some hunters prefer hunting with a bow…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Alpena Beloved

    It is November 15 in Alpena, Mi. Most people aren't at work. All The schools are closed. It's not a holiday, Its opening day of Michigan's regular firearm deer season. People of the beloved community are in the crisp autom woods, hoping to get lucky with the big buck of their dreams. After the success, people will have Lots of excess meat That they can or can not use. My idea to make a beloved community starts here. If all successful Hunters who Didn't Need the meat from their game animals…

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