Essay On Trap Shooting

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Larry Heitmeier
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Trap Shooting In trap shooting their are five shooters and one trap house. The shooters use shotguns to shoot clay disc’s as the targets. The field has five stations, and one trap house. At each station the shooters have to aim at different spots to hit the targets.(“Trap Shooting Basics”) Trap is a very old sport that has been modified through time. Hunters use to do trap with pigeons to prove their skills.(“Trapshooting”) Now people shoot trap for a sport for fun. Colleges are making more and more shooting classes since the youth is wanting to do more shooting sports.(Rosenwald) Trap shooting has been considered the most safest sport in America. Trap shooting is a very fun, safe and fast growing sport in America. Trapshooting is also called clay-pigeon shooting, where five shooters use shotguns for shooting at a clay disc thrown into the
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Skeet has two trap houses that are required, one on the left and one on the right. Both trap houses throw targets at different angles. The trap houses for skeet are called high houses, there about 10ft high. Skeet is shot in squads of five people, but skeet has eight positions. Seven of those positions are numbered consecutively, in a semi-circle. A round of skeet has 25 targets. Some stations have single targets, others have doubles. A round also includes eight shots at four double-targets 1,2,6,7.(Adelman) Sporting Clays, is a challenging clay target game. It’s designed to simulate many field-shooting situations. Sporting Clays is presented with many types of targets that duplicate the flight path of the birds. The courses are laid out in natural surroundings. Sporting Clays usually include five or more shooting stations. At any station, targets can be thrown as singles or doubles. Sporting Clays allows for either a pre-mounted or low gun approach. A full round usually has 50 to 100 targets

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